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Good post thom and so true. They have 'selective justice...ONLY against their perceived enemies.....Good American Citizens who did NOT vote for the Fraud, or have civilly protested HIS OVER REACH of Gov't, that he does as a Dictator. Namely the Tea Party Patriots, who actually are NOT a political party, but a 'grass roots movement of people from all walks of life, that looked out for what was happening Against ALL Americans....erosion of freedom, independence and our liberties. When the Obama Regime got Caught, they did as you say - stonewall, go deaf, dumb and blind in the hearings and just ignored what they "wanted to go away."
Lois Lerner was doing 'her part to STOP conservatives from making any headway in the upcoming election that she tried to insure Obama's win.' She colluded with the Justice Dept. and the emails show it....Holder, would DO ANYTHING to INSURE OBAMA'S WIN AND HE'S USED THE DOJ FOR MANY THINGS THAT OBAMA HAS WANTED. THE TWO ARE "JOINED AT THE HIP, AND DECIDE WHAT LAWS "THEY WILL CHOOSE TO ADHERE TO---IF NOT, OBAMA USES EXECUTIVE ORDERS TO CIRCUMVENT THE CONGRESS. Heads should have rolled Long Ago on this and the REST of the Obama Scandals- Lerner should be charged on this and using the IRS-as Obama's Enemy List, Holder should have been fired long ago, for ALL his selective actions(that favored Obama and His agenda) against ONLY Certain Americans, while freeing 'his people from crimes already charged against them, and lastly for ALL these Obama Cover Ups and Crimes of Aiding and Abetting OUR Enemies-His Radical Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, that he has sent OUR tax dollars to, and arms to fight Christians world-wide. Enough of this Dictatorship/Criminal Regime/Using OUR Intel Agencies AGAINST Obama's perceived Enemy List......The Corruption of this Regime is Blatent, Arrogant and Criminal.
Exactly amk- The Dems all say this IS the law of the land-BUT, it was done by deception and chaos(old Alinsky tactic) before opposition KNOWS what hit them. The SCOTUS ruled on these LIES by Obama, and therefore it should be REVERSED. BTW: "OUR CONSTITUTION IS THE LAW OF THE LAND, AND WE SEE THAT OBAMA HAS THROWN THAT OUT THE WINDOW".....as he's ignored THAT LAW of the LAND.
Mr.York- What people are NOT focusing on, is NOT that "failure to launch the site is bad", but that ALL this "Law of the Land'(as Dems like to call it now) was done Under FALSE PRETENSE. No one had a chance to actually READ this before voting on it, the things that Obama said about what it would do-ARE LIES, and the SCOTUS that ruled on this, were given the SAME LIES. Therefore the decision the SCOTUS made, was under FALSE PRETENSE, and their decision should NOW BE REVERSED, AS IT WAS DONE ON THE LIES THAT OBAMA WAS STATING IN ORDER TO GET THIS PASSED IN THE FIRST PLACE. He used an "Old Alinsky Rule, of "Causing Chaos to push through your agenda BEFORE your opposition KNOWS what HIT THEM." Mr. York, this was ALL done in the first place on Obama's deceiving the American Congress, the American People AND the SCOTUS who ruled on HIS LIES, so it was a typical "BAIT AND SWITCH", and if it were ANY company, they would be charged with a crime against those they tried to deceive and jailed." That, is what No One is Looking at.....only, that Obamacare didn't 'launch properly by the website'.....THAT, is NOT THE ISSUE HERE....IT IS THE FRAUDULENT AGENDA OBAMA USED TO GET THIS THING ON THE BOOKS, AND IT NEEDS TO BE REVERSED, AS IT WAS UNLAWFUL IN THE FIRST PLACE. Obama doesn't care the sites failed, he wants "Socialized Medicine for America" and coverage for Illegal Aliens, that he knows will benefit the Democrat Party with their grateful Votes."
Prebius saying they "Outspent the DNC, is a LIE, as I had the #'s almost tripled for McAuliffe, it was ONLY because some were waking up to the LIES from Obama about the corruption in healthcare(socialized medicine) in these last few weeks, that Cuccinelli started to "Catch McAuliffe in closer numbers- and BTW: I STILL don't believe that McAuliffe won this fair and square, as the Dems ALWAYS find those Last Minute Votes in the trunks of cars(think Al Franken) and miraculously-ALL FOR THEM. If I were Cuccinelli, I'd ask for a recount, being This Close-AND verification that one person, one vote. That's the Voter ID's that Dems DON'T WANT, and filed Lawsuits to STOP, as they are AFRAID they WON'T be able to CHEAT in Elections, as USUAL.
Good post Drifter, as we now KNOW, that Prebius did little and is bolstering the role he played in this Va. race- Rove, is a doofus, white haired establishment who also talked DOWN to REAL Conservatism Candidates and Tea Party Patriots. Enough of their "Influence that costs Us good people, for Rino-Dem Lites!"
Interesting outcome folks-First off, the Libertarian was "bought and paid for to Take Away GOP votes, most assuredly by George Soros' billions, and Dem Donors-Just as they've done in other races." Third party, NEVER wins, so forget that idea. It was just what Perot had in that chaotic nonsense. The GOP , Has become "Dem- Lite/Rino's of Career Establishment...ex: John McCain, Boehner, Eric Cantor, Lindsey Graham, etal, who have bent over backwards to comply with ALL things Obama, AND their OWN 'Status Quo' for Keeping their cushy jobs/perks/elite healthcare/pensions on US- as they amass their OWN personal fortunes, and continue "To feed Off the Taxpayers' Public Trough." Of Course, they "will go along to get along"....wasn't the remarks by McCain to Ted Cruz just so typical: "It's Just NOT the way things are done here in D.C. by Jr. Senators".....Really? Cruz DID what he told his constituants he would do....upset the "Status Quo, and follow OUR Constitution and the Rights of the People....NOT the Government". Somewhere along the way, the Crooked Dems and the Equally Passive/Rino Establishment of the GOP, became One In The SAME- Looking out for #One-Themselves, and NOT the good of the country OR the people they WORK FOR- US. Do Not fall for the Lapdog Media picking OUR candidates again, or the GOP Rino's telling us WHO in our party is good/bad...WE can decide that. The Lapdog/Liberals/Soros etal picked McCain-the Old, White Haired, Yellow Teeth RINO, as they KNEW he'd be beaten by Obama-It worked. He was 'hand-picked---NO MORE. We will pick our OWN Conservative GOP people to run-and as they ALL(both Dems/Rino Gop) try to paint a 'Tea Party Patriot as the devil, and smear them.....send the Conservatives/Tea Party your donations, as I and many will do-NO MORE GOP DONATIONS, AS THEY DECIDE TO MAKE US LOSE ELECTIONS, THAT DOG WON'T HUNT ANY LONGER.- We have patriotic Americans that Care about our very survival from this Marxist/Crooked Obama Regime, and though He and the crooked Dems are trying to make the Tea Party the EVIL ones, we KNOW differently, and will NOT be fooled by the likes of Rino-Christie, who panders to Obama, and plays like a conservative---he's NOT. He didn't lift a finger to help Conservatives of the GOP races...claiming he had HIS campaign to worry about. Well, if he had NO visions further than HIS career-he's an established Rino, just like the rest. I am sick of the divisiviness of the Establishment-GOP and they, ALL need to be run OUT of office, as otherwise, they INSURE DEMS WIN.
It is actually Pathetic, to hear the "Pathological Liar, Obama each day as he forgets what the Last Lie he told was, OR thinks there is NO video, audio, written words of HIS first lie, then the 'cover up lie, then the BLAME someone else lie.' This is the MOST CORRUPT REGIME, WITH OBAMA AT THE HEAD, HOLDER DOING HIS LAWLESS-DIRTY WORK, AND HILLARY, RICE, PANETTA, BIDEN, JAY CORNEY, ETAL COVERING FOR 'ALL THIS AND ABLE TO LOOK PEOPLE STRAIGHT IN THE FACE, LYING THEIR BUTTS OFF.' ENOUGH ALREADY, ENOUGH FOR SURE. OBAMA LIES WITH SUCH EASE, BUT THEN AGAIN, IT'S WHAT THEY DO. LIE CONSTANTLY AND CONTRADICT THEIR "OWN WORDS"
Geraldo is such a liberal hack- He is Always for HIS people-Hispanics I guess-Don't EVER hear him talking it up for the Jewish side of himself. He's just another mere "Obama Bootlicker" and HATES to have Anyone speak up against Obama. Obama OWNS the Terrorist Murders of 4 Americans, and he CAN'T blame Bush on that one. Noticebly, the Lapdog Liberal Media is NOT EVEN REPORTING on these murders, as they are 'covering for Obama' and don't want things to look bad for him. They ARE complicit in his "Cover Up" and his making up LIES HE FED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THEN GOT HIS LEMMINGS, HILLARY, RICE, BIDEN, PANETTA ETAL, TO SPEW THE SAME LIES. THIS WAS A TOTAL "DERELICTION OF DUTY" AND OBAMA & THE REST OF THIS CORRUPT REGIME NEED REMOVED NOW
He's at the same place he was when he "let loose the Black Panthers who WERE charged with a crime of voter violations in Philly". He has said: "These are My people"......really? Guess that means that when someone is Black, it's NO CRIME-he also did say, 'we will NOT prosecute black on white crimes, but WILL prosecute white on black crimes. Think THIS is part of the Reason for the GREAT DIVIDE that Obama AND Holder have done to our Republic? Divisiveness/Class Warfare/Racist..... that about covers THIS CROOKED REGIME. In Holder's Corruption we DON'T NEED HIM.
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