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Absolutely-linda. This corrupt regime is made up of "Obama's Radicals from his Chicago Criminal Gulag." You see the people he is associated with-"David Axelrod(Red Diaper Baby-parents were Commies), Terrorists-Bill Ayres & WIfe, Holder(who fought to get a pardon from Clinton for Marc Rich-who ILLEGALLY sold arms to terrorists and fled America instead of facing charges) ALL these Commies(including his pal, Van Jones who Obama did appoint as one of the Czars) This regime is rife with CORRUPTION, and Obama And Holder, are "Joined at the Hip"....they have planned many of the scandals together, as payback against white America-Both should be behind bars for ALL the things they've done AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND TRASHING OUR CONSTITUTION, BYPASSING OURCONGRESS AND JUST DOING 'WHAT THE HELL EVER THEY WANTED." AfTER ALL, THE "TOP COP" WAS OBAMA'S HENCHMAN, WHO RATHER THAN FOLLOW THE LAWS, HE USED HIS A.G. POSITION TO BE "POLITICAL ALONG WITH BEING CROOKED"
Your post IS spot on. The bama Rgme will "Rile up the bases, by RACEBAITNG, & lying to their own people to "keepthemin line" and on the "DemoThug role." This is so stupid, as they lie, cheat, and do anything to get their votes, by skincolor, while the Elite Blacks live like Royalty "On the backs of low information voting
He actually hates America and it's "White Colonialists, Founding Fathers" as he's shown time and time again, and his Disrespect for our Constitution. His desire with his spiteful, hateful and childish narcisstistic ways, is to turn America, OUR Republic, into a 3rd world nation, Answerable to the Crooked U.N. & International Law. That, is already happening. He should be thrown OUT OF OFFICE FOR ALL THE OFFENSES AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AS HE STILL BOWS TO THE SAUDI KING, MUSLIMS/ISLAMISTS, AND GIVES THE MIDDLE FINGER TO AMERICAN CITIZENS HE VIEWS AS HIS ENEMY. HE IS THE ENEMY WITHIN.
btw: Besides "teaching Marxist, Community Agitator Alinsky's Methods to Acorn Thugs, Obama was tutored for 10 years,(8 - 18 yrs.old) by HIS Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis of Chicago, Hawaii. Is there ANYTHING you think he was taught to even LIKE America, by these two(he wrote of Davis in his own book, but ONLY referred to him as "Frank".....
Obama is following "Cloward-Piven"(Socialist Professors who taught Him at Columbia?) that tells their followers to "Overwhelm ALL America's Systems"(which Obama has Already done) and cause Chaos." They wanted to End Capitalism, and create an Elitist Society vs. the Sheeple. After this attack on our nation, that brings about Her Demise, then Obama(who IS following Cloward-Piven Tactics) then the nation, is "Rebuilt in HIS MARXIST IDEOLOGY." Ideal, is to create TWO classes of people-The Elitists like Obama and his Radicals, and the Low-Info Class......Thus, REMOVING the Middle Class. This man is Evil, in his Dictatorship, and Needs to be REMOVED from office, before he does MORE DAMAGE TO OUR REPUBLIC, WITH SIEVE BORDERS AND HIS "ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION, THAT BRINGS DISEASES, (Now the ebola from nations that he's allowing to travel here, and next the Haitians he's bringing in, and the Terrorisist/Cartels/Gang Members, to put American Citizens in Danger in MANY WAYS, as HE CAUSES MORE CHAOS TO OUR REPUBLIC. ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY
Katie: Please make this information come before the American Voters, in WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN, 'BEFORE THE ELECTIONS, AS THE VOTERS HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT OBAMA IS TRYING TO PULL OFF, BY "NOT TELLING THEM HIS PLANS BEFORE THE ELECTION." I hope Katie, you can reach ALL TV Outlets, and certainly those on Fox, to make the Voters AWARE of his sneaky plan, that he intends to "HIDE BEFORE THE ELECTION." The American Citizens have a Right to KNOW this, BEFORE, NOT AFTER THE ELECTION. Thanks to you Katie-I hope this lands on DRUDGE ALSO.
You would be correct. Snowden 'KNEW he was risking his life, and HAD to leave America, OR be killed like so many others, that have come forward." Can people recall the name Vince Foster, how about the 3 members of Rev.Wright's church, who were gays, that KNEW Obama ....?
From Day One when this all broke, I felt Mr. Snowden was a "Patriotic Hero, who WANTED to let the American People KNOW what this Corrupt Regime was up to." There will be MUCH MORE to learn, and it will ALL COME OUT. Obama has set up American Against American, as he's DIVIDED THIS REPUBLIC, more than any POTUS I can recall. He had to leave America, or HE would have been killed-think HE didn't KNOW THAT? To those who call him a traitor, SHAME on you, as he was trying to tell ALL American's what is going on in this country, and the lenghts to which this regime is going to "SILENCE PEOPLE, USE AGENCIES TO INTIMIDATE AND BULLY THEM, AND ERODE OUR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS." Look at Obama's Hidden Past(on the net) and see for 10 yrs. he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, Communsit of Chicago/Hawaii. He says himself, that he was always attracted to "radicals" in his book by his Terrorist Pal, Bill Ayres. It is NO MISTAKE to think that he is DELIBERATELY SETTING ABOUT TO BRING ABOUT "AMERICA'S DEMISE(via Cloward-Piven-who taught at Columbia, "To OverWhelm ALL America's Systems, Cause Chaos and end capitalism"....HE's done Exactly ALL THIS HASN'T HE? As a student of Saul Alinsky who taught the methods to Acorn Thugs-he has used those 13 Rules Constantly-Especially the one of "Ridicule your enemies, as no one can fight againt ridicule." Another, is to "Cause Chaos and before They KNOW what hits them, you will have gotten your agenda accomplished." This man acutally hates America, and if You DON'T know that, then YOU haven't been paying attention folks. He has turned our Republic "INTO AN AMERICAN DUMPING GROUND, WITH HIS 'ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION, AND OUR SIEVE BORDERS, THAT ARE ALLOWING ANYONE AND EVERYONE INTO THIS NATION TO DO HARM TO AMERICAN CITIZENS." All this, btw, is while he IS purging our Military, and setting up "His civilian army HE spoke of." He should be REMOVED from office, for the many things he's done AGAINST OUR REPUBLIC, AND HAVING PUT AMERICANS' IN HARM'S WAY. ALL THIS, WHILE HE "PROTECTS MUSLIMS AND ISLAM AND WON'T EVEN CALL ATTACKS "AGAINST AMERICANS(like Ft.Hood, Muslim Terrorist Hassad)TERRORISTS THAT ARE MUSLIM RADICALS, AS HE CLAIMS ISLAM IS A 'RELIGION OF PEACE.' Think so? He has NEVER once spoke about ISlam and Muslims KILLING CHRISTIANS WORLD WIDE. One time did he recently say, that Muslims are being killed by Muslims also....he wouldn't even SAY CHRISTIANS, AS HE PRETENDS TO BE ONE. WAKE UP AMERICA AS OUR NATION IS UNDER ATTACK AND IT'S THE "ENEMY WITHIN"
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