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dszippl, your post IS spot on and We should have OUR Military on the southern border, which is an "Obama Seive" as he pushed for this "Illegal Alien Invasion."
I know the "Muslim in Chief" is trying to PURGE our military, but This, is incredible. I guess he Wants to have them return with the Ebola Virus to wipe out MORE Americans, as he's bringing in 200,000 Muslims I read yesterday from the M.E. This guy is beyond unbelievable, he is doing ALL HE CAN DELIBERATELY TO TAKE THIS NATION DOWN, AND BRINGING IN ALL THESE ILLEGALS, AS HE TURNS AMERICA INTO A "DUMPING GROUND"....Causing Danger, Disease & Overwhelming ALL our systems in place, as the taxpayers have to Foot the Bill for all his playing "Santa Claus" This is the worst POTUS who actually hates 'arrogant(his words) America, and is doing all he can to bring about America's Demise-because he hated our "White, Colonists and Founding Fathers." along with our Constitution. If we had a Congress that looked OUT for our Republic, they would have him removed now
MORE LIES. Holder and Obama "are joined at the hip" They Both are so used to Lying they Lie about their former Lies. All this regime's scandals have the "Fric & Frac Twins" reading Off the SAME PAGE-they set up the "what if's, and have their READY EXCUSES AT THE READY." When Holder testified, he had 'that confused, puzzled look on his lying face, OR couldn't RECALL. These two and the Rest of this crooked regime, are Expert at Lying, Cheating, Stalling, Abusing their power, and telling people they "Read about this or that in the newspapers???? What a bunch of Chicago Thugs that SHOULD have been run Out of office after a half dozen scandals, they have to be lauging about, behind American's backs. They KNOW they have the "Liberal, Lapdog Media to Cover for Them, and LIE when need be." This is the MOST crooked thug regime I can EVER remember, and ALL they do is DELIBERATE AGAINST AMERICA.
Perfect, since he thinks WE should have them among our families. He has NOT secured our borders since he was 'ushered into office', and Napolitano Lied when she said how secure the border is. He is using HIS "Illegal Alien Invasion" to push for the 3+billions he wants, but will NOT put military or Nat'l Guard to protect the borders NOW. He is blackmailing the GOP into "Giving in to him AGAIN. . then will Blame them, as he always does. This man has to STILL be doing DOPE....as he's sick in his head. All this, happening as he plays pool, has lavish dinners with $36,000 donations and the whole world and OUR Naiton is falling
Obama OWNS this "Illegal Alien Invasion"...as he LIED when Janet Napolitano said our borders have "never been MORE secure." Now he is pushing for billions to "Throw at these people illegally in our country...BEFORE he even secures the borders. He is using "Alinsky-type Blackmail, to GET HIS OWN WAY AGAIN....OTHERWISE HE IS NOT STOPPING THIS INVASION, THAT PUTS OUR OWN AMERICAN CITIZENS IN DANGER. JUST LOOK AT THE GANG MEMBER PICTURE....WOULD YOU WANT THAT FILTH NEXT DOOR? Obama should be REMOVED from office as he took an Oath to Protect Americans-NOT jeopardize them as he's done, because he is hell bent on using "Cloward-Piven" to take down this nation, and overwhelm ALL our systems(that he's pretty much already done) and push for America's Demise. He Then wants to rebuild (remember that 'hope & change?) our nation in HIS Marxist Ideology. This man IS evil, and he actually Hates this Republic and it's Founding Fathers/Colonial Whites, that he wants to PUNISH US with his pettiness. His mentor, Communist-Frank Marshall Davis, taught him well for those 10 years...then he picked up on Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals": he taught to Acorn Thugs. Just as Hillary wrote Her thesis on Alinsky-Her Mentor. These Radical, Anti-American types, should ALL Leave and go live among those they THINK will tolerate their bullshiz. For arming and sending Our Tax Dollars to HIS Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, Obama has "Aided and Abetted Our Enemies, and should be REMOVED from office NOW."
btw: Just as the Clintons had Sandy Berger REMOVE incriminating papers from OUR National Archives, that would have shown what they did NOT do, in protecting our nation from Terrorists attacks, Obama follows the SAME agenda(Saul Alinsky's) he has the IRS LOSE the emails that would have incriminated Him and this Crooked Regime- That's why these IRS people are "So Arrogrant-they KNOW Obama promised them immunity, and "Not to Worry"..I've got your back." Boehner is an embarassment to the GOP.
Would Someone please tell this dopey Speaker, "OF COURSE THE WHITEHOUSE IS NOT GOING TO HELP IN THIS IRS SCANDAL---THEY ARE PART OF IT, WITH A.G. HOLDER .CALLING THE SHOTS WITH OBAMA- JUST AS THEY DID ON other SCANDALS- "FAST & FURIOUS", "BENGHAZI", etc. This Speaker is either Very Dumb, or Just Gullible and in NO WAY a good leader as Speaker-Boehner needs to STEP DOWN. Over 1 1/2 yrs. ago, HE should have appointed a Special Outside Prosecutor, but he DIDN'T. He said: "I trust Obama....Really? NOT MANY DO, except YOU- Seems Mr. Speaker, you are enjoying a "Status Quo" to keep your cushy job/perks/healthcare/and being able to add to your $5 Million Stash Going. You Sir, have continually, "Bent over backwards to vote WITH Obama in all things HE wanted, and turned your back on your OWN party, which DOES include Conservatives, like Many of us out here, when you insulted them in the GOP- a Rino is a kind word for you...there are Many others, as YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DIVIDE IN THE GOP, AS YOU DIDN'T KEEP 'ALL MEMBERS TOGETHER.'
BTW: Can anyone send this article/comments to Cameron Diaz, and the Rest of the "Holly-woodheads" who think Hillary is qualified to run the nation, as she couldn't even handle being Sec.of State, and left four DEAD Americans in Benghazi because of her ineptness?"
This is NO surprise coming from Hillary-the pathological Liar ALL her sordid life. That she would take this case, then attack a 12 yr.old girl, is ludicrous. This article should be sent to N.O.W., since they and their followers are buying Hillary's bs about "being the defender for women." She is the WORST example of women, because just like this "12 yr.old girl, Hillary ALSO 'attacked the women Bill assaulted/raped/fondled a SECOND TIME, WHEN SHE HAD THEM INVESTIGATED IN ORDER TO FIND 'DIRT ON THEM, THAT SHE COULD USE TO SMEAR BILL'S VICTIM'S WITH, AND THUS, HILLARY WAS ATTACKING THEM, A SECOND TIME." The woman is ruthless, a 60's Radical, who wrote her thesis on Marxist Radical Saul Alinsky, who was HER mentor. He wanted Her to work for him, but she opted instead to join the team to take down Nixon. She truly IS a Radical, as per Saul Alinsky's- "Rules For Radicals" that she follows to this day.(btw: So does Obama, who taught the methods to Acorn Thugs) Hilly IS "Obama in a Pantsuit".....like Radicals! Send this article to every person you know-including N.O.W. and people like Diane Sawyer, who thinks Hillary walks on water, as she ignores this woman's past and all her lies.
As far as the "LIars of the Podium" go, Jay Corney was a total embarassment to the American People, as he stood Daily at the podium and Lied to the American people, for the "Liar In Chief-Obama." I thought Gibbs was bad, but this guy, had Him beat by a MILE. Talk about 'Obama Bootlickers....wow' shows that Some Jobs are NOT worth the money you get paid as a Mouthpiece, as they show you as a Media Wh*re.
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