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Poll: Pro-Life Majority Re-Emerges

jnovak692 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 5:33 PM
Welll, slavery was just fine back in the day, even the supreme court said blacks were just property. AND now we're going to here from the suuuupreme dictators again about marriage, and YES, I'm one of many who voted yes on Prop 8. Seems some of our liberal friends had trouble understanding what was written sooooo, the vote is somehow supposed to be negated/ruled againist what PEOPLE voted for. Only in a lib fantasy world does this make sense. Hmmm, wonder if the vote had gone the other way, anyone think the libs would give us a pass like they want??? Nooo, I didn't think so either!!

In the wake of President Obama's re-election, the public opinion dam has seemingly begun to burst on one hotly-contested social issue: Same-sex unions.  Are Americans moving decisively leftward on abortion, too?  I spent the last week in Boulder, Colorado at the annual Conference on World Affairs.  It's an overwhelmingly liberal crowd, so one of my more challenging tasks was discussing "reproductive rights" on a panel comprised of pro-choice women and me.  In order to inoculate myself against the inevitable "you're not a woman" critique, I cited statistics demonstrating that (a) being pro-life is a mainstream, if not majority position;...