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LOL WHAT??? I can understand people voting for this....this, whatever it is, once. But twice??? Dad was right again, some people will never learn.
The phone has been ringing for awhile, all the gop can say is, you get the phone, I'm busy, you get the phone, I'm busy you.......................
It's a shame that a woman of her stature has been black balled for her work and accomplishments. Besides, as carney stated, there is no place called Benghazi and neither himself or obama never heard of susan rice. CASE CLOSED!!
LOL!!! That is GREAT!!! Hope you don't mind if I use it!!!
barry, rice et al, lied to Americans?? Again??Really?? Impossible??? Wellll, one thing I have to give barry and the people he surrounds him self with it's gotta be one of two things!!! 1. SSD- Sgt Shultz Defense - I know nothing!!!! NOTHING!!!! 2. You must remember which version of the lie you portray and say the same thing no matter where you are- Whether you speak at the U.N. or go on your propaganda TV shows!! In September 2012, the Obama administration blamed the Benghazi attacks on a purported YouTube video that attacked Islam. Keep repeating the same lie so people will believe it and ignore the facts!!!
christie.....bush.....and obama-lite??? Really?? We have been holding our noses and voting for the lessor of two evils for how long now???? Which has gotten us in the shape we currently find ourselves?? I went independent the 2nd year of carter (who I did vote for, I know, I know, been kicking myself ever since) But when Mom found out I wasn't a democrat anymore, she told me my Grandparents were rolling over in their graves. I told her, I know Mom, I know!!
ROTFLMBO!!!!! Just like the American workers he has helped!!! Who thinks of these questions???
Say WHAT???? I thought for sure, people in our country knew that the dimocrats shoved obamadon'tcare health care down our throats and the gop didn't. Soooooo, the dimocrats are going to keep the lies going while adding more upon their enormous pile of lies?? Did I get that right??
Sorry smitty, it's just not in me to remain quite while OUR USS America has been taking in ALOT of water and in danger of going under. And I admit that the democrats and republicans have both gotten a piece of my mind. You are correct, I am 100% disabled and VA sent me a letter telling me they will remain my health care provider though they did say something about sending the government some of my information as required by the aca. As for my military service, THANKYOU and you're more than welcome.
For a loooong time I've wondered if lois was drinking too much Kool-Aid for her own good. SS is a hand out??? The only way you can put SS and hand out in the same sentence, is when the government raids it and in its place they put IOU'S Which has been going on since lbj but who's counting !! :)
Can someone help me, 1st I get 2, TWO emails telling me that the aca is now law and I'm required to buy insurance. (Forget the fact I'm 100% disabled vet, Viet Nam) 2nd I get a letter from john McCain (don't live in his state) telling me how important it was to stand up for America........Don't know what else he said, couldn't get past that part. 3rd got a e-mail from sandra fluke wanting my support. Somehow I got on her list as a supporter. Where do these folks come from and they even have the nerve to ask for my support?? Wife and I are in Ca but the emails I have sent to the dimocrats in Sacramento, can, in no way shape or form can be understood as supportive. Any ideas??
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