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Unbelievable, he is an enemy combatant and a jury of his peers were the Americans who got him. If anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , he should have gotten 2 in the head. Contrary to what barry is trying to do, in support of his cousins in Syria, who enjoy as part of their diet, parts of other people. This person HAS NO, NONE, ZIP, ZERO Zilch or ANYTHING ELSE guaranteed under our Constitution. For those who are going to scream some kind of phobia, killer, murderer et al, GET OVER IT. Just because barry has no ability to fight a war, other than giving them tons of taxpayers money. Firing General Staff Officers at a rate never seen in our history. ROE that kill more Americans than enemy. Whose name can be found along side whale Poooooooooo. For those of us who have been there, Foreign or Domestic!!!
SERIOUSLY???? The folks who, as part of their diet, enjoy various body parts from people?? Unbelievable!!! Where is he getting this extra money from?? The VA???
PLEASE come to America, BEFORE barry and his crowd try to make the trip for you safe. You will learn some interesting things about our Country!! :)
First, I confess, the number of times I have used Mr Stewart as a source or quoted what he said, you can count on one hand and have a finger or two left over. But his comment about "criminal idiocy" slams home what this administration has done or will continue to do. But, to be honest, where the h......has the gop been??? I think, the gop has been so caught up with keeping or enlarging what power they think they have. To be clear, in NO WAY, shape or form do I support the Democrat Party. I'm registered as an Independent and have been since the 2nd year of Jimmy Carter. Mr Obama has on more than a few occasions, given the gop grounds to, at a MINIMUM, hold a public debate over what has been happening, the IRS (not the latest) phone records, going after conservative groups, Health care, please spare me your phony concern talking points, when we all know that his health care is a national view of our VA system, the quotes, delay...deny...hope you die is NOT something that has just popped up over the last year or two. It is an issue which should have been dealt with years ago, but they are only veterans and the cost of supporting them is too great, when that money can be used to help those folks who don't like us and might just change their minds when they see how much America really cares.!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I should shut up now, before people see how I really feel Ya'll take care and have a good one.
Apol......what?? The woman who lies and doesn't blush and I'm to think she is capable of a sincere apology ?? LOL ROTFLMBO That's a good one!!!! :)
I was in a Cbt Engr unit in Viet Nam. One morning a friend and myself were walking point, the guys with the metal detectors behind us and the rest of the Platoon behind them. We stopped the Platoon because there were pieces of shrapnel across the width of the road and 10-15 yards down the road. Our Platoon leader walked past us and kicked a piece of the shrapnel off to the side of the road. We saw the spoon (sorry, spoon = the handle on a grenade with blasting cap ) flip up and a lot of us instantly hugged the ground. After all is said and done, we found a 155 round, and had it gone off, it would have killed the majority of our platoon. We have seen a few scandals (shrapnel), Mr Obama deny his knowing/involvement ,(kicking the shrapnel off to the side of the road) and the 155 round, the actual pain caused by his actions, kicking the Veterans out from the Memorials but allowing illegal aliens access to the same area, making exemptions from the law by the movement of his lips. Selective enforcement of the laws. BUT the big question is why?? Why is he doing whatever it is he is doing?? Is he looking for an actual confrontation? Why? The gop seems happy with whatever is going on, hoping they win big in November. which is nothing more than Bravo Sierra. I have far more questions than answers. But,WHY ! WHY ! WHY !
Just for starters!!! Democrat Party billionaires who have made donations to Barrack Obama include: Arthur Blank....Warren Buffett....Barry Diller....Michael Eisner....David Geffen....Charles Gifford....Jeffrey Katzenberg
LOL WHAT??? I can understand people voting for this....this, whatever it is, once. But twice??? Dad was right again, some people will never learn.
The phone has been ringing for awhile, all the gop can say is, you get the phone, I'm busy, you get the phone, I'm busy you.......................
It's a shame that a woman of her stature has been black balled for her work and accomplishments. Besides, as carney stated, there is no place called Benghazi and neither himself or obama never heard of susan rice. CASE CLOSED!!
LOL!!! That is GREAT!!! Hope you don't mind if I use it!!!
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