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Well barry, here are 2 fingers that you can shove were the sun don't shine along with the is....lame....ic sissy hood!!!!!!!!
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Here Comes the Obama Veto Pen

jnovak692 Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 12:44 PM
Veto pen? What the hell does need that for??
After the gop and their last MAJOR SUCK UP for barry!! I 'm hearing talk about bush? christie? romney? When the ice skating rink in hell opens, maybe I ill think of them!! I lied, I will NEVER give them a thought!!!
During an interview with Project Veritas' James O'Keefe, financial advisor Rich Weinstein makes three main points: -Obamacare is a $250 billion hidden tax grab per year on individual Americans and their families -Obamacare advocates make it seem like costs are shifted onto insurance companies, when really they're shifted onto healthcare consumers. Further, Weinstein points out that so-called "cadillac tax" isn't reserved for expensive plans, but instead eventually hits all plans. The "cadillac tax" in Obamacare is not applied directly to the consumer but indirectly through the insurance companies. This way, the consumer blames insurance companies for increased costs instead of the government for a massive tax grab hidden in Obamacare. -Obamacare isn't a "mess" or a "disaster" of a bill, but rather a brilliant, well structured piece of legislation with very deliberate language and components.
Wellllllll, if it's romney/bush I WILL stay home that is my vote for NOTA=-None of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE, anyone who did NOT see this coming, raise your hand. REMEMBER, VA gets their marching orders from DOD!! government, breaks their contract with Veterans, easy to fix, release ANY Vet who wants out now, give them honorable discharge. Hate to say it, but we may need them more, within CONUS rather than somewhere fighting under nobama ROE. Guess it's time for the RIF nobama promised.
I didn't know lying was contagious, has he been to close to barry??? Sorry, Clinton is all we need to know!!
Soooo, the flip side of the democrat coin says whaaaaat? Really??!!! I would have never guessed.!!! From now on, I'm going to rotate their name and write in IKE, JFK and LBJ. Since we are going to be a banana Republic, hope you folks enjoy it!!
I wonder, when will barry run out of buses to throw people under? barry's same old song verse 256!! Sooooo, our Military does not want to go into another battle, with one arm and leg tied up due to barry's ROE?? They have my support!!! So, libs support a war??? that will get more Americans killed??? OH!!! sorry, it was not barry's fault he didn't see the problem, but our Intelligence Agency missed it ?
It depends on the ROE!!! Make 4 B-52 drops followed up with Puff!! Problem Solved!
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Watch: Eric Holder Scandal Montage

jnovak692 Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 2:54 PM
As soon as I saw it, that was the 1st thing that hit me also, let's be realistic, back when General Staff Officer #3 got canned AND news over that was minimal, at BEST!! Hope you remember when MacArthur got canned!!
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