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VA was not taking care of him out of the goodness of their hearts. Are you REALLY suggesting that Veterans should ignore the benefits they earned?? Or, the VA does NOT have to hire REAL DOCTORS? The list could go on, you get your talking points from barry?? The fact that I'm on Doctor #4 for my mental health care in 5 years, begs a ton of questions.
So, you "LIBS" who want to start another, OBVIOUSLY ,have learned nada, zip, zero, zilch since you lost the last war.
BUT, a clown at a rodeo, gets SLAMMED and has to take sensitivity lessons ?? You libs who found this racist, need to move to Washington State, if you comment "brown bag" you're a racist. The first time you racist folks started a war in America, you LOST, LOST,LOST, that war.
IF, he is the best the gop can manage, not my vote again. Spare me the Clinton comments. The first time around, I thought he was Obama lite. They CRY, NO MONEY for SS!! Find tons of money for illegals, give money to those folks in Syria who eat body parts and the list goes on. Goodbye AMERICA, wherever you may be.
Soooooo, when a social injustice is committed, we are to riot and whatever else we feel is appropriate to right the wrong committed?? And then COMPLAIN when people living in the area where these riots are happening, buy guns to protect themselves?? Why am I still amazed at the sheer stupidity of some folks??!!!
Thank God, there are still folks who think BEFORE they vote!!
I know they would never lie, they just can't count!!
I pray you are correct. Never thought America would be in the shape she is today, even in my WORST nightmare. It was unthinkable!!!
obamadon'tcare what?? when??? who is Obama??
As some have already said, it's about to hit the fan!!!!!!!!!! Hang on folks, here weeeeee go!!!
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