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obamadon'tcare what?? when??? who is Obama??
As some have already said, it's about to hit the fan!!!!!!!!!! Hang on folks, here weeeeee go!!!
By the way, I would HAPPILY, waste the energy and spit in his direction as often as possible. Yes, barry tooooooooo.
First and FOREMOST!!!!! There ARE!!! people in California who can think.!!! Unfortunately, with moonbeam brown and his open border, anyone, EVERYONE can walk into the state, SCREAM for help and they become registered dimocrats, everything free and the a...............oles raise the tax on gas, among other things, and AWAAAAAAAAAAAY we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF, ANYONE needs clarification, feel free to contact me.
FINALLY, not guilty about that.
Someone please wake me up from this nightmare. HOW???????? Can people support her!!! I confess, that I never really thought much of her, her dogging a bullet at a airport, ranks ALMOST as high as, If you love......!!
The utter contempt I feel towards the district of criminals, can reach Saturn and back 5 times, with #6 leaving our atmosphere right about now.
I think, that spending 5 years with the religion of piece, would make him highly qualified to walk point!!! Saving American lives in the process!!
Just to be clear, Croatian on my Dad's side, Greek and Irish on my Mom's.
Under our Constitution, you are 100% correct. BUT, a group who are committed to wiping me and mine off the face of the earth?? There is NO DISCUSSION. He's gone, case closed.
Hang on tight folks, this is going to be ONE HE................LL OF A RIDE!!!
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