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Bill Maher: “[T]he Role Model For Every President Should be” … Jimmy Carter

jnovak692 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 1:16 AM
OHHH!! AND, Let's not forget who crashed and burned trying to rescue the hostages in the first place. ANOTHER fine no-talent to add to a-wanna be president!!! 2 years into his only 4 years I turned Independent and haven't looked back at them!!

C’mon give Maher some credit here: he’s not afraid to show his true colors. Even most liberals I know feel uncomfortable talking about Jimmy Carter's achievements, let alone bragging about his legacy, preferring instead to reminisce about “Camelot” or the New Deal.

Nice catch, NewsBusters (warning explicit language):

America needs to start defining peace as strength. Do you know who the role model for every president should be? Jimmy Carter. Because he is the one out of all of them who figured out how to sit in office...