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Joe Biden's biggest problem is a severe lack of self awareness coupled with Democratic VP privilege. No one has the guts to point his unacceptable behavior.
Two alternate jurors whose race is unknown. There are always alternate jurors selected.
How about you don't stick that schoolmarm finger in everyone's face?
On Monday night, the moon will rise in the western sky shortly after sunset and officially be considered a "supermoon" at 9:38 p.m. ET, scientists said. That's weird. All my life the moon has risen in the eastern sky.
will never not ever.
Oh come on Donk party abortion lovers. The Hobby Lobby decision did not and will ever take away your precious birth control coverage. It just takes away the abortifacient drugs. However the truth doesn't fit the meme of old white guys trying to take away the Sandra Flukes of America's birth control for their prodigious sex lives.
They didn't take down her page just a photo of her and a leopard which they think is endangered. Some species of leopard are endangered but not the African species.
The picture FB took down was the one of her and the African leopard, which FB monitors think wrongly is an endangered species. This the BS reason they give for taking down the photo. Maybe we should all repost the photo on FB about ten thousand times per day.
Strike "less" from the paragraph.
Pelosi's Bush argument is hogwash. After WW2 veterans represented 11% of a population of about 150 million. Today they represent less a little more than 7% of about 315 million.
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