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jnagel Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 10:34 AM
The answer is: Democrats, Liberals, Marxists, Statists, and Muslim extremists are willing to lie cheat and steal to get their way. Who cares about a little deceit if it gets you elected, higher ratings, more rabid followers, etc. This question (or the lack of an answer) is EXPOSING THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE!

The fiscal cliff is over. And it turns out it was just a reality TV show that was devoid of reality. Taxes are going up on everyone. Make sure you check your paycheck, because you’re included too, not just the dirty, rotten rich.

Now that Fiscal Cliff, the TV show has been cancelled, Wall Street is back to concentrating on the normal cliffs they usually worry about: the earnings cliff, the interest rate cliff, the money printing cliff (QE4EVER! <3 <3) and whatever other cliffs that worried traders can dream up for gullible journalists to write about.

I always...