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A Look Back at My Top Obama Administration Predictions for 2012

JMWinPR Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 11:41 AM
Dear Moonbat: You cannot exterminate moonbats, they are like Hydra, zits on your nose just before your Prom, flies at a picnic, or a flat tire when your car is fully loaded and you are traveling to a ski resort. However keep on tryin' and Happy New Year, I always enjoy your replies

It's time to  look back at predications regarding the non-stop sitcom that's known as the Obama Administration, 2012.

I won some, a lost a few too. Okay more than a few. But some of the more outrageous predictions, like Barney Frank's wedding, panned out.

The first three years of the Obama administration has largely been a re-make of that American television classic Happy Days with Obama starring in the role of the Fonz.

What's in store for the coming year? Well don't change that dial.   

10) Tim Geithner will leave the administration, forcibly if need be, likely in February

Here’s the...