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People are making choices that they have to live with, we have freedom to make choices but the right choice and if we do not know the difference all we have to ask for guidance
This is a time to keep witnessing and living for the Lord and a time for decisions to be made which side you are standing on. This does not change the Lord he does not change it is our attitudes and opinions of him.
I agree Jesus and him crucified for all of our sins brings on the power of the Holy Ghost on the scene. The Defense Department did this because of Special Interest money and want to win during this upcoming election. They are dividing the military by what they are doing .
They opened up a can of worms , you know if the soldiers marched during the Vietnam war, Civil rights, or Iraq in uniform with the other protesters they would be kicked out of the military and all of those issues were important also. What is going on in our society. I see a serious revolution raising up in our country.
I served from 76-98 This is a MESS protesting in the uniform. What gets me how is it I did not hear this on the evening news or any news media?
I agree with you that what wrong for the military brass to allow this and in uniform. They just opened up a can of worms now and better not say anything if a soldier wants to participate in a demonstration in the future.
It was wrong to allow the soldiers to march in a demonstration. Soldiers in uniform speak for all of the military and what they stand for. That was wrong to allow these soldiers to do so and the brass that allowed this are wrong , it does not matter what the event was. every culture group is represented in the military and everyone has a cause to march but this group is so special that the rules were bent for the is very wrong and wrong to the other soldiers in the military that has a voice to speak on what they hold dearly to their hearts.
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