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Higher Education?

JMSilver Wrote: Jul 13, 2013 1:26 PM
Who probably graduate with some "douchey" degree and wonder why he can't find a great paying job and be instantly promoted to supervisor.
Other than for medical reasons with oral contraceptives or you are told by your doctor you cannot get pregnant for your health than no, there is no other reason other to kowtow to the liberal women vote. There is no "medical" reason to take birth control when you are preventing pregnancies because you are not ready to have children. It is part of family planning, which last I heard, is not a disease or condition.
Only if the abortion clinic doesn't meet the standards of an ambulatory surgical center as well as the doctor performing the abortion has the credentials to be admitted to nearby hospital. If all abortion clinics in Texas didn't even meet these standards (as you claim they would have been all shut down) then I wonder what standard of care and sterility as well as the credentials of the doctor are. A plastic surgeon doing liposuction has a higher standard of surgical center and doctor's credentials than an abortion clinic?
Maybe if it was detrimental to her health if she became pregnant? I have a friend who is married and has been told by her doctor she cannot get pregnant or it will make her current chronic condition worsen as well as be damaging or fatal for a child she would carry. An IUD is an option for a case like this. Can't tell a married woman she can't have sex for the rest of her life?
Common sense Democrats = oxymoron
Either social issues or repeated repairs on problems he couldn't fix before (all with no new ideas). I am happy I have several episodes of last season The Walking Dead to catch up on. Pass on the SOTUS.
For someone who comments on the majority of statements here, it seems you are the one without a life.
Isn't asking your religion/religious views during an interview or on a job application considered discriminatory practice? Then how can a religious organization hire persons who share their religious views without asking such and thus risking a job discrimination lawsuit?
So, he twists the arms of Bank of America and possibly concede. I am sure there are dozens of other banks that will line up, if not here, then abroad. Just kicking the can down the road and not addressing the real issues. Especially in Chicago. Last I recall, it was gang bangers that pulled the trigger, not manufacturers.
Could school funding be tied into standardized testing? It is in Florida, but makes no sense. The lower performing schools get less funds while the A rated schools get the most. Our friend teaches in a D/F school and loves her kids, ready to learn (1st grade) but a box of crayons is a luxury. She solicits her friends to help out her class. Meanwhile, overfunded A schools have parents who flood the teachers with supplies, gift cards, etc all the tools needed for the year as well as constantly volunteering. I would say the scales of justice (or funding) are tipped way to much when it comes to funding based on standardized testing schools. Really makes no sense.
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