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Honor For Whom Honor is Due

jmpXor Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 6:01 PM
Obama won because of character assassination tactics used constantly by the mainstream media. Media has control of our elections now. They purposely painted Romney as out of touch with middle class America leaving people with no confidence in voting for him. His words were constantly twisted. For example that 47% line was so grotesquely used out of context. Romney was talking about the same reason Obama wouldn't waste campaign money in Texas because he knows no matter how hard he campaigns there he doesn't have a shot at winning that state. Yet the media twisted it and made it sound like he simply doesn't care about those people. Fair objective reporting has went by the wayside. All the major news networks all come from liberal NYC.

On the heels of a pivotal national election, I'd like to remind Americans that it is our troops' service and sacrifice that safeguards our precious right to cast those ballots and savor the freedoms that we hold dear. They represent the best of America.

Yesterday, we honored all U.S. veterans and troops currently serving for their unwavering courage, their dedication to keeping our nation strong and protecting the liberties we continue to enjoy. We also paid tribute to the wounded, missing, fallen and their families.

My father, Ray, fought and was wounded in World War II in the...