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Justice for All

jmorton241 Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 4:54 PM
It's most likely a spelling error. I'm sure you've made a few of them yourself during your life. If you spend your time on useless comments, then you will never have the time to think about really important things to comment about.
No I saw him get out of his car & run in the sand & fall down. He got up & ran into the bushes & looked like he was trying to make a call on his cell, but it didn't seem to work & he got frustrated & turned & started off again on foot. They ended the tape at athat point.
Too much of the green weed & magic mushrooms. If you haven't heard it before it destroys your concept of reality. Hopefully, you'll get help.
I wonder if anyone asked him what he meant by "redistibution & who what was going to be redistributed to where". This is said by a man who spent his coolege years surrounded by socialists in all of the clubs he belonged to.
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