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You do understand that the driving factor in the stock market level at present is the Federal Reserve and it's QE bond buying program?
I love how you don't understand the difference between the CORPORATE McDonald's and the local McDonald's Franchise. It really shows your understanding of business.
You really are a special person aren't you? Gas is something the average person can Not do without (unless you live in a large urban area). Hamburgers from a fast food joint you can live without. There is a reason that gas and food (not fast food but grocery store cook it yourself kind of food) are not considered when the rate of inflation is figured out by the government (Because they tend to be too volatile price wise). So "sucking it up" on gas prices is different then a burger.
Rhartmman and the rest of the liberals posting here. I do enjoy your comments but you seem to forget the most basic principles of economics. Supply & Demand, law of diminishing returns. You want to raise wages then lessen the supply of labor, don't set an artificial floor on wages. If the demand for labor stays constant and the labor pool shrinks entry level wages will rise. (Look at the boom areas in the Dakotas, Texas etc.) Law of diminishing returns states ( and it is proven) that once cost to produce an item (in this case a burger) reaches a certain point demand for that item will fall. No demand means no reason to keep producing that product.
Ms. Ginsberg, You miss an important fact when talking about McDonald's (Huffington missed it too). In a majority of cases the corporation is not the one paying the wages, the franchise owners are. The profit level of a franchise is normally no where near the profit level of the corporation. The biggest profit items of the corporation are the franchise fees and the selling of supplies to the franchises. So even if "McDonald's" is profitable it does not mean every franchise is. So in some cases even a simple $1 an hour raise may break the bank.
you are truly a moron aren't you...bless your heart
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Unemployment Drops to 7 Percent

jmkidd Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 12:34 PM
The Jobs report is so screwed up at this point I would not make a judgement either way based on it. I will explain what I mean. We need to create 300,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth. Yet we create 203,000 jobs (and 41% of those were government jobs) and the U-3 unemployment rate drops .3 from 7.3 to 7.0. Now the only way that is mathematically possible is if even more people have dropped out of the labor force. Now if the math doesn't work then the whole system is suspect.
So basically what you are saying is FACTS don't matter just your personal desires?
and why is it a dumb analogy? I watch what you say and I am honestly less then impressed with your skills of debate.
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Americans Don't Trust Each Other Anymore

jmkidd Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 7:10 PM
I disagree with the idea that technology is the solution. I actually think that technology is a part of the problem that has eroded trust among us. I think that is why the trust issue has worsened as the younger generations grow up. We as a society have less a sense of community now then in prior generations and technology has allowed for interaction with no real sense of community. The breakdown in real human interaction as opposed to electronic interaction has created an isolated individual instead of a communal one. To illustrate my point look at the teens of today with texting and social media replacing in person visits and telephone conversations. the first requires no real interactions on a personal level. the second on the other hand (even phone calls) requires interaction on a personal level. Now think about which is more common today texting or talking? I know people who will sit in the same room and text each other as opposed to talking to each other.
Really you know this how? And your existence helps exactly how, from what I read on here you are a waste of oxygen.
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