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Megyn Kelly Destroys Bill Ayers, Again

jmj49 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 7:27 PM
and this is where obama comes from.scarey
Bring them here, far more productive then Mexican and other "hispanics"
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Bill To Tax Wealthy For Student Loans Stalls

jmj49 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 11:08 PM
Most rich people seem to be liberal democrats. Let's tax all rich democrats 40% and solve all the countries problems. most of which are their fault anyway.
Not true, a gross the distortion of the facts.
So true. He is the first person I have ever wished would die. But, understand he is only a small part of a vast left wing conspiracy to destroy this nation for the benefit of the elite and multinational corporation. All the little fools that think this man is their hero, that's what's really sickening.
Democrats have been abusing blacks for over a century. From fighting against civil right after the war between the states, to LBJ's blocking Eisenhower's Civil Right's Act, right into the present day where the plight of Black people has not changed at all under Democratic Leadership. Sense Johnson's War on Poverty, blacks as a group have made no progress. They have suckered black into thinking that it is the democratic party that speaks for them. Well if so, they have done a very poor job.
Clearly this woman is an idiot, but she takes her cue from obama.
Call the president what he is, a liar. Also ask yourself "would you buy a used car from this man".
It would be far more appropriate to compare back democrats to Jewish Nazis. It is the democrats that are using and abusing the black population for their own purposes. Democrats have been keeping the black population oppressed for decades. The Democratic Party, Party of Lies, non stop.
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