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Planned Parenthood Official Endorses Right to Kill Babies Born Alive

jmg11 Wrote: Mar 30, 2013 10:20 PM
The first to argue for abortion were obviously Satan’s disciples. No fully alert person could have missed that simple point. Killing children is a Satanic activity. Laying conditions on killing them does not change the basic truth of the matter. Those who listened to Satan's promises were very foolish. He is a charmer; he knows your weaknesses; and it is easy to let him deceive you, but he always gives himself away. That means, you were very foolish to listen to him. The sensible prediction based on current trends: some will land in hell. That should never happen, and I hate to think of it, but it will happen unless we all back away from sin. There is always hope and prayer.

Sadly, you read that headline correctly. From The Weekly Standard:

Florida legislators considering a bill to require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion were shocked during a committee hearing this week when a Planned Parenthood official endorsed a right to post-birth abortion.

Alisa LaPolt Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, testified that her organization believes the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor.

To be clear, sponsor...