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Is it Cannibalism Yet?

jmg11 Wrote: May 13, 2012 5:50 PM
Nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements. The Culture of Death has made advances, and will lose it all in the next few years. Did you note, in the last day or so, this PelosiThing said that her Catholic faith compels her to support homo"sex"ual "marriage." Now homo"sex"ual "marriage" is not cannibalism, but Pelosi said this with a straight face, as if she wanted to receive a serious hearing. What impressed me is, she was not laughed out of the room.

There is an undeniable progression from bad to worse in the culture of death. Or, to paraphrase Dostoevsky, who was paraphrasing Jesus of Nazareth, “All things are possible to those who don’t believe.” Therefore, just when it seems we’ve seen man at his worst, a new example of his wickedness arises and reminds us that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Case in point—the news that certain citizens in China, no doubt numbed to the evil of abortion by their country’s one-child policy, have literally begun to place the corpses of aborted children in refrigerators in homes. From there, the...