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Getting Obama in the Can

jmg11 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 2:51 AM
Good job. He won't be among us much longer. The Little Boy President has shifty eyes as standard equipment, from at least as far back as the 2004 “OOOHH, isn’t he wonderful?” campaign. Back then I threw this idea into the pot, but I don’t have a national audience and it didn’t get far. He still has the shifty, untrustworthy eyes. Nobody on his team seems to understand how sneaky he looks when speechifying. He shows that “of course, you know I am a crook” look every time. I will never see it again come January.

As they say in Hollywood, “the results are in the can.” 

Mitt Romney wants to take the video footage of the recent presidential debate and arrange a Hollywood premier complete with limos, spotlights, and the red carpet. 

On the other hand, Barack Obama is wishing that the film could go through extensive editing and a definite rewrite. 

I’ve listened to both sides talk about the President regarding preparedness, his ability to focus, and his seemingly inattention to detail, and it was duly noted. 

But I thought there...

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