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CEOs Gloomiest on Economy Since 2009

jmeans Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 12:54 PM
Tax cuts and money supply increases are not working because investors are afraid of the dollar and the U.S. market. Patriotism is not motive enough for capitalists to create job producing enterprises in the U.S. The focus is on capital preservation.

As if the looming "fiscal cliff" isn’t frightening enough, new results suggest it’s already doing very serious damage to the economy. And it’s only September.

According to a new survey released by the Business Roundtable, corporate America’s view of the economy is as bleak now as it was in 2009, when the economy was struggling to emerge from recession.

Also, the survey shows executives are now more likely to cut jobs over the next six months, and that companies are less likely to raise their capital spending.

Largely the CEOs who participated in the study cited the "fiscal cliff," or the confluence of tax...

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