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The Value Added Tax Would Raise Tons of Money; and that's Why it's Wrong

jmccune Wrote: May 05, 2012 7:26 AM
LA-Steve, I don't know where you get your information on the FairTax, but it is obvious that you are misinformed about it. The enforcement mechanisms of the FairTax are already in place in 45 or so of the 50 states, so how do you get that it would expand the Government. Two other comments you made here are also wrong, 1. People have been cheating on taxes ever since taxes have been collected, and 2. There is no such thing as taxes that are not a drain on the economy.

I’ve written before how “The Value-Added Tax Would Be a Money Machine for Big Government.”

Writing for Bloomberg, Josh Barro has a piece entitled, “Value-Added Tax Would Raise Tons for U.S. Coffers.”

So you might think we see eye to eye on this issue, but that would be a rash assumption. While I see a giant new tax as a dangerous step on the road to serfdom, Josh thinks it’s a necessary and desirable reform.

…it is time to reconsider a VAT. It would be both substantively better and more politically palatable. Here’s why: A value-added tax raises a...

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