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Yeah the ones that insured the civil rights act was passed . The original ones that elected Lincoln. The ones that warned in the 50's of the military/industrial complex.
You do know he was being sarcastic…wait you are a lib right. That's why
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Black Education Tragedy

jmcconnell Wrote: Jul 10, 2013 1:20 PM
Who wrote her letter. I guess the, someone else, could have written anything since she had no clue of what was written.
Since they are really POWs they should die there if they ever are tried. But since Obama thinks the war is over they will probably be release before his term is up.
Actually it is heaven compared to caves and huts in 7th century middle east.
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Why the Reagan Democrats Departed

jmcconnell Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 12:38 PM
Your stance is simplistic. So I will do the same. Give the open a fish or teach him how to fish. The Dems/Progs push the former, the Repugs/Conservs push the later. Very simple! A nation dependent on Big Brother or one taking their personal freedom seriously! SIMPLE
The other points were partly correct. they are referring to business or corporate ttaxes not personal income taxes. That started under Wilson
Well, then your friends all spent thousands of dollars on Obama and his causes? Probably not likely. That is why we boycott. They are able to tell thousands their views and spend thousands to back it up. I have family and friends that are progressive, but they don't have the $'s and prestige of these as*sholes.
to Spiritof67
still a fruit…picker I see.
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