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jmcconnell Wrote: Nov 28, 2013 11:33 AM
He wasn't wrong any more that all the free world nations and our intelligence. That includes every damn Democrat in the House and Senate whose leaders in both Houses sit in on the briefings in the WH. And we even had arial photos showing the movement of chemicals plus their History of using them. Guess what moron, where the hell do you think Syria got all of those chemical stockpiles. What a dupe you are as I guess you were in diapers during the 80's when Hussein was violating the no fly zones and refusing over and over the UN inspectors access to almost all areas of his country. But research is really hard for libiots
Agreed. And another question. How the hell does this scare poachers? If the items made it here the poachers had already made their money. This just, maybe, scares the end users but I don't see any info on how THEY were punished. Typical Govt actions resulting in Nothing. Just like gun crushing and pot burning. All parties already made their profit. All these publicity actions just that.
Yeah the ones that insured the civil rights act was passed . The original ones that elected Lincoln. The ones that warned in the 50's of the military/industrial complex.
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