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You are 100% correct1 I am a Benefactor Member. I challenge all gun owners to become members. There are only 4 million members but there are estimated to be 80 to 90 million gun owning households in the US___-can you imagine if there were 30 million NRA members/ This gun banning nonsense would never be heard in DC again!!!
You got to understand:---they can't let the mutt fly with them in the same plane!1 This is against "muslim beliefs"!!!!!
We have quite a few that given the power would be very much like Hitler, Stalin, Fidel castro, Mao and let's don't forget George Soros---he was not any better than Hitler during WW2. Why don't the Jewish people that hated Hitler so bad {with good cause i might add) go after this guy?
Bill O'reilly is an idiot---he knows very little abot weapons1 I don't think there were any guns, semi or full auto when the "first murder took place".
This has nothing to do with "gun Control"------the places with the most restrictions on guns have way higher crime rates. Look at England {you can go to jail for protedcting your home and family) Look at Australia. Our politicians know gun control does not work! They don't care--they want you abd I to be at their "mercy". I do not trust but about 20% of the politicans---democrat or republicians. If they are so caring about the American citizen and taxpayer, then why don't they live under the same laws that we do/ Would you not like their medical plan? A full pension after working very little time! What they are good for is taking from the taxpayer and buying votes, Passing laws for how mush water a toilet can use-------joke!
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