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The Republican and Democrat parties are both dead. Long live the Independent American Party!! Seriously, a lot of folks on each side of the tracks are disgusted with the old two party system. The Democrats and the Republicans aren't what they started out to be and both parties have both gone to extreme right and left. I believe that there is a huge void in the middle for like minded patriots that will work together and resolve many of the problems that the country has. The "Tea Party" isn't really a party at all, but a grassroots movement where people of the two former parties found some common ground. Maybe an American Patriot Party could fill the gap that is the sane middle ground.
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Video: BHO's Gotta Go!

J Mark2 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 10:28 PM
SUHWeeeeeet Well done. It keeps running through my head even now. Send it to Romney to use in his ads. AWESOME
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