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I love the comments here and am in agreement. I thought I had a copy of the Daily Kos as I read Mr. Tanner's opinion...
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Justice? Not in Chicago

JLS1945 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:19 AM
YOU - might seriously consider seeking help for those demons in your head!
One thing we don't hear much about are the daily casualty reports. It seems that the day OBAMA took the reins the MSM no longer found those reports "newsworthy". Strange huh...especially since more have died in Afghanistan since BO took over than while Bush was in Office. VERY strange indeed.
Has someone excused that?
A number of folks who knew more than was healthy about the Clinton dealings succumbed to an early demise and he's just a "good ole boy" from Arkansas. I hope Petraeus is able to employ the shills he has learned in his service to the Country to avoid any "tragic accidents" resulting from his association with the" Chicago mob".
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The New York Times Gets Life Support

JLS1945 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 8:00 AM
I chose to not go to college so I just don't understand how those that did, especially for more than four years can (apparently) believe the idea's they promote. How do they NOT see how their "solutions" have been tried throughout history but NEVER produced the desired results?
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Government Lite or Government Big Gulp

JLS1945 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 9:05 AM
Jeez John, not had your coffee yet this morning? THAT was a painful read! Probably accurate but I don't see ANY possible way to have a third (or fourth or fifth, etc) Party candidate have ANY chance of success. If we as Republican's can't get our act together and defeat arguably the "worst president in the history", how in the world would enough people come together to form a new Party? It appears that over 3,000,000 R's sat on the collective ars's and didn't BOTHER to VOTE. There's the problem! Now we will have the government "We Deserve" rammed down our throat and us "Boomers" can add another accomplishment to our resume...besides all the others from the "60's".
Thanks Kate, I too watched (what I could) of the video. What a bunch of self important intellectual's trying to impress each other with their effort to explain something about which they are completely clueless.
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