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Those "early reports" were after the witnesses there said different and the early reports you are using are from a friend of Wilson's wife who was not there, you are busted…...
Yeah, go listen to the nazi version of how bad jews are……..
You mean a simpleton unsubstantiated comment…...
Why do you assume an unarmed teenager would attack a armed police officer in a 14k automobile for jay walking?
The kind of sanity a r-a-c-s-i-s-t would appreciate ( sorry, this site won't permit me to use racs-st).
Yeah, correlating a robbery to a cop, who knew nothing about that robbery and killing a teenager for jay walking, is the right wing way, moron. Engaging in the constitutional right of free expression and speech, but getting attacked by militaristic police their bass and attacking the press. is the right wing way, idiot. You and the Ferguson P.D. need to get off your racist bias and allow these people a levitate means of redress without institutionalized bigotry and police violence.
God forbid a right wing regressive posts a credible source to provide evidence they know what they are talking about. What a ridicules assumption !!
So that excuses the teen killing cop for not filing a report?
Witch means no weapon and the cop who slaughtered the kid didn't know.
All Bull splat, not probable to most witnesses and we won't know until the grand jury is over regardless of any fake accusations of a witch hunt by holder who resigned.
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