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President Nixon's EPA is the actual reason jobs are fleeing the USA at a record pace. Franklin D. Roosevelt's NLRB isn't doing American workers any favors either. It is time to slash the federal government by 60%, and dismantle the unelected fourth branch of government so we can get back to prosperity. You progressives can always flee to North Korea and enjoy a true egalitarian utopia.
I call Poe's Law on rightygoader.
Am I the only one that believes Harry Reid is suffering from dementia? Listening to him speak these days actually makes me feel bad for him. One thing is sure, Harry Reid is the poster child for term limits.
Progressive liberals believe 'the ends justify the means'. That is why they can shovel BS with a straight face.
Someone should have thrown a "shoe" at him.
Someone should have thrown a show at him.
The truth shall set US free!
God Bless you, Katie. The nation could use a million more like you.
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