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it's that the truth - the stupid demlibs don't want to work for anything so they can't stand when someone is rich -and the idiots don't realize it's the rich man paying for their sorry @ss-these stupid people should not even be allow to vote!!!!!!!!!!
a liar and a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plus give to charity-you brainwash people make me sick why don't you go to MSM site it's more your speed-jealous jerk-
how much did you pay!!
i know all you demlibs are liars and cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish we could just split this country right down the middle and let you dem libs live in your own welfare world and let us live in our own- then check with us in a year and lets just see who's living better!!
no honey if obama stays in we are all losers!@ STUPID
lois00000 no you are the terrorist because you are going to help destory this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry but i hate the man
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