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The NRA's idea of armed police presence in schools would be a huge "trojan horse." It promulgates acceptance of the police state in society's mind collectively and especially in our childrens' minds individually. The "discreet armed educator" model would be at least as effective, faster to implement, and cost nothingto implement.
And they continue to claim the rhetoric "common sense." Common to whom? Other liberals at their cocktail parties?
Correct! And the lack of rigorous definition of "assault weapon" is both conspicuous and deliberate. The term exists solely to whip up public fury (falsely). It is a deceptive term at heart and is a symptom of the leftist propaganda state.
Actually, liberals have shown in public that they are dangerous handling the guns themselves: http://www.alphadogweb.com/firearms/Diane_Feinstein.htm
And when the Democrat party says "it's time to give up your guns," where then will their loyalty lie? With liberty or party?
Obama is surrounded by armed security (you're welcome, Mr. President!) as is Bloomberg and most DC politicians. At least when they are at work in DC federal buildings. In fact, Mr. Heller (Heller v. DC fame) is a security guard in DC and commented recently that even when the building is empty, he is still paid to guard it. With a gun. He continued stating that our children deserve at least the same level of defense that we afford our elected officials. (I paraphrase)
A "buy-back" is itself ironic in that one cannot "buy back" what one didn't posess to begin with. Words matter.
The training given to the Columbine teachers, administrators and students was to hide and wait. Same as in Sandy Hook. That's not a strategy, that's acquiescing to the whims of the monster. Would it not have been better for a teacher to have met the threat with equal or superior force? Would it have improved the odds for the teachers and kids had there been an good armed adult in school that day?
Yes. No surprise there. Libs claim moral imperative to deceive in achieving their goals.
Right you are! In point of fact, 2.5 million times annually, firearms are used righteously and defensively in the US. That's just under 7K uses per day. The majority of these are defending against agressors not armed with a gun. Clearly guns are effective in stopping the threat yet gun-control advocates continue to ignore that data.
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