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Can it really go from bad to worse? Really? Although it's pretty much a toss-up now that I think on it.
And Meriem Ibraham is black, but a Christian, so he couldn't say anything about her. I sure hope she's back in the US with her family by now.
I don't know much about this guy. Is he a rino? The reason I ask is that he was in the wings ready to pounce on this job in the House. It just sounded fishy to me, as if Boehner had him all ready to take the position to fulfill every Boehner wish.
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Army To Investigate Bergdahl Capture

JL36 Wrote: Jun 16, 2014 6:46 PM
I disagree. He will run on the mudslide ticket!
What's her take on our border protection -- of which we have NONE at the present time! Is there anyone in DC concerned about our borders????? Guess not.
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Dear Hillary: Run

JL36 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 9:34 AM
Not be fooled again? Don't count on it. Looking at recent history, these statists are easily fooled, I'm sorry to say.
Of course they're not terrorists; they are just the cutest little munchkins, ever. This is insane!!!!!!!
While I can't stand to watch the video, I also can't imagine Diane "grilling" any regressive on anything important to the USA!
Park Ridge ........ and it is an exclusive suburb of Chicago.
Sounds like a good title for hussein's next book!
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