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Hey Obama, David Cameron Has a Strategy

JL36 Wrote: 7 hours ago (8:24 AM)
Even tho we don't know the UK strategy, at least the PM has admitted there is a problem -- a BIG problem. Hussein can't even bring himself to admit it, let alone bother his administration to come up with a solution. I picture them, on a daily basis, toasting each other for the good job they are doing in the destruction of the US of A. Imagine their celebration in the success of reaching their goals. That should turn everyone's stomach and p**s off all of us! And if it doesn't p**s you off, you're as much a traitor to this country as the entire administration.
Well, I guess you're lucky that you still have a choice. You might want to think of what you're going to do when we no longer have choices.
I'm an old fart --- what's a blunt? Thanks in advance.
Do you suppose they will ever catch on? And, if so, how long will it take them?
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Correction: Immigration-National Guard story

JL36 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 5:09 PM
If you're a fruitcake, so am I!
If the libs (regressives) had any compassion, they wouldn't be encouraging the illegals to come to a country that can't support them.
I think a better idea would be for her to take home with her some gang members or maybe a mud-slime or two!
He is neither incompetent nor ineffectual. He is carrying out the NWO plan to a tee (no pun intended), which was/is the plan all along. Instead of scratching their heads (or other parts of their anatomy), Congress needs to overrule everything he EOs --- now I don't pretend to know how that is done or even if it can be done, but can they get off their butts and let us know something of what they are doing to counteract this guy? It appears to us taxpaying peons out here that they are doing nothing to protect us and this country!
WIBC 93, live stream, every Wednesday morning, 8:00 Central Time, Greg Garrison program. Greg has "the grumps" on, and David is one of them. I really enjoy listening to him.
That would certainly grab some attention; however, the dhims would turn that around and claim the dead are a result of the gop refusing to pass amnesty. With the dhims, NOTHING is EVER their fault --- NEVER! The gop and the TEAs have to present their argument and THEN think ahead to how the dhims are going to counter the argument so they can counter the counter-argument. Got it?
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