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Your last paragraph: Totally and completely untrue; I think you know it, but you don't want to admit it.
The 'progressives' are so regressive that, soon, we will all be stuck in the 19th century! And they still won't be satisfied.
I don't disagree with your quotes, but Kurt's fiction is a real possibility.
They aren't smart enough to figure out that they and their families are not exempt. They think they have an imaginary bubble surrounding them and that they are safe from everything. If they ever wake up to the reality of this, it will be too late.
…….which means it's high! Do a 180 on EVERYTHING he says!
I read somewhere that EOs are not law, and that makes sense as the Constitution allows only the Legislative Branch to make law. I know hussein pays no attention to the Constitution, but why does the legislative branch follow the EOs as if they were law, and expect us to do the same. Totally insane!
Now, if the GOP will only USE this material. However, they are known as not seeing the forest for the trees and letting opportunities slip through their fingers, and then, eyes and mouth wide open, ask "Whaaahappened?", totally baffled! They have to stop listening to the likes of Rove and Priebus.
I'm in Iowa, too. I like it here, but eastern Iowa is chock full of dhims, where most of the cities are. Des Moines has their share, too. And they are stubborn people. They have a real hard time admitting mistakes. I don't talk politics with my brother who lives in eastern IA --- I know he voted for hussein the first time. Don't know about the 2nd. Enjoy this beautiful fall day!
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ISIS Insider: Former Member Speaks Out

JL36 Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 8:21 AM
He has not talked about protecting the country and it's citizens because he has NO INTENTION of doing so. In his pea-brain, we are the evil ones and must be eliminated. I pray for the defeat of our enemies.
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Can Obama Win the Fight Against ISIS?

JL36 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 8:32 AM
In order to win the fight, any fight, one has to actually fight!
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