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Legitimate Rape Arguments

jkwoftw Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 11:46 AM
What is unscientific about not wanting to kill infant humans? You know what's unscientific? People who want to obscure reality and deliberately hide truth in order to propagate their own views, like this lady: And if you want to go after the unscientific people in the conservative camp without being a hypocrite, you might want to find a way to shut up your third wave feminists.. they hate science. When Gloria Steinem was asked in an interview last year about her thoughts on the latest research on male and female brains, which shows an undeniable distinction between the sexes, Steinem’s response was, “Well, you know, every time there is a step forward, there’s a backlash. So now we’re seeing another backlash..
jkwoftw Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 11:47 AM
...about brains, brain differences, gender differences centered in the brain. Even if they’re right, it doesn’t have to continue to be so. What makes human beings the species that has survived all this time is our adaptability.” When the interviewer pressed further and asked, “But aren’t there inherent differences we can’t ignore?” Steinem replied, “Society can certainly intervene at a cultural level to change that behavior.”
Todd Akin’s grossly irresponsible remarks about “legitimate rape” and conception have received much media attention. As well they should. The sheer weirdness of the remarks calls into question both his intelligence and his personal integrity. How could someone conclude logically that a rape victim’s body has the capacity to prevent conception in the wake of sexual assault? And why would someone assert that the conclusion had been supported by doctors with whom he had spoken? Clearly, Akin contrived the idea on the spot and then contrived the claim that there were doctors who had informed and/or supported his assertion. All of...