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........right after we are rid of President Liar Girlypants.
Will Ron Paul vote to get his brain back? What's that? Never had one to begin with? Yeah, that IS a problem.........
At least Hitler was a corporal in WWI. And Obama? Just a lame-@ssed "community organizer".
ISIS has NOTHING to worry about from this joke of a President. Unless they attack his golf course......... then he will nuke them
Fat chance. This guy likes the big paycheck and perks too much to be inconvenienced by integrity.
Probably has a picture of Wesley Clark hanging in his office........
Dempsey is one of those smiling North Korean generals you see standing behind Kim Jong Un, thinking "oh MAN is this guy a moron, but I want to keep my job".
Obama STILL won't follow the advice of his generals. That obstinate know-it-all SOB will just keep digging the hole deeper and will keep right on blaming George Bush.
Hitler didn't follow the advice of HIS generals either. I think we all know how THAT turned out.
Obama voters, without a doubt.
When arrogant, self-important Obama conceit tries to defect to North Korea........... Insects for lunch and dinner........provided you can catch them!
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