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Israel's Justice Minister Tells Off UN

JKinGA Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 9:05 PM
Good for you Israel! Screw those terrorist supporters in the UN!
Ron Paul is that old conspiracy-theory ranting wacko SOME PEOPLE are just loony enough to believe! Tin-foil hats all around!
He's a blithering moron. He would have to improve considerably to even reach the level of "liar". I suspect Mr. Paul will never reach even THAT level.
Ron Paul is a tin-foil hat wearing fruitcake..........and apparently you are not far behind.
Ron Paul makes you appreciate Obama! I think I might throw up.........
That is quite possibly the stupidest utterance I have read in some time. Don't let little things like THE FACTS hinder what you call a thought process. The "separatists" are Russians.....former Russian military RECRUITED in Russia. They are being supplied with the very sophisticated ground-to-air missile system ONLY highly trained Russian military can operate. They are confirmed to have already shot down several other planes and have bragged about those shoot-downs on social media. A high level Russian "separatist" ALREADY TOOK CREDIT FOR THIS SHOOT-DOWN until he found out that it was a passenger plane! The Russian soldier "separatists" as you like to call them, control ALL of the territory where the shoot down occurred. Lastly, and THIS should REALLY make you feel stupid, there are no Russian planes flying OVER the Ukraine. WHO would the Ukrainians, even assuming they HAD a missile system sophisticated enough to shoot down a high-flying plane, be shooting AT? Their OWN planes??? You and Ronnie-boy REALLY need to face facts and stop shamelessly defending a murdering former KGB Colonel who is blatantly sending RUSSIAN SOLDIERS and sophisticated weaponry into the Ukraine to defeat it militarily prior to annexing it, all the while making the ABSURD claim that these "separatists" are Ukrainian.
And Ron Paul is a fruitcake masquerading as a moron.
Stuck on stupid. It appears that Barack Obama and Ron Paul are in a race to see who can SUCK UP to Putin the best. They are BOTH Vlad's beeeeeeeee-otches.
Those stupid left-wingers think the Appeals Court judges (and Supreme Court justices) should decide cases by reading into the law whatever partisan presumptions they care to make. The literal wording of the law IS the law, period. Left-wing judges use the old "well, they MEANT to say blah blah blah....." as a justification for inserting their partisan bias into their rulings. Too bad those jerks can't just honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution.
The tree-huggers are choking on their sushi over at Huffington Post. They're whining that the evil Republicans want everyone to die and the Appeals Court judges should make their rulings on purely partisan long as they are left-wing partisan grounds of course!
Oh oh, Obama has those pursed lips and that look of sanctimonious conceited annoyance. Watch out, he's getting ready to do the preachy finger wag! Yeeeaaaah! Run for your life Putin! Forget the wife, just RUN!
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