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He was a lying weasel. I know. I saw.
He was still a lying weasel. As a "constituent" I watched his lies steal elections from honest, honorable opponents.
As a constituent I can tell you John Barrow was a lying weasel who would be as deceitful and underhanded as he needed to be to steal elections.
As a constituent, I have to say.........GOOD RIDDANCE!
As a long time constituent who has been here since Barrow was first elected to the House, I can affirm that he was a bald-faced liar who ran deceitful, unethical campaigns. I remember a time when most Georgia Democrat politicians had ethics and were honorable men (and women) of their word. I regret to say, that time is no more. I say "good riddance" to Barrow and I hope every other lying Georgia Democrat politician suffers his fate.
Obama's new nominee for Attorney General. Compared to Eric Holder, a BIG improvement!
Obama will get the opportunity to sign every single one of them.......unless he intends to fund his administration with the money from all those fund raisers. Already spent on the 2014 races? Awwwww, too bad!
You mean 350+ House Bills. Don't worry, Obama will have the opportunity to sign every one of them.
It will be a pleasure to watch those two witches get run over for the next two years........or next 10 years.
Dead water buffalo walking.........
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Sharpton Does Program Upside Down

JKinGA Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 9:17 PM
Is this fool crazy or on a permanent LSD trip..........hard to tell with the fake Rev.
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