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It DID "fulfill that requirement" and I for one hope that deceased criminal thug is burning in h*ll where he belongs.
and will for the rest of his life. Obama's and Al Sharpton's America...........where being black excuses all crimes and being a white police officer IS a crime, especially if they do unreasonable things like enforce the law or refuse to let black criminals kill them. Gotta watch that "racism", you know..........
Yeah, bring them to the White House............ with you and the rest of your sleazy administration in it.
Too bad the U.S. can't "cut itself off" from the lying jerk in the White House.
I hear Lunch Bucket Joe's son is looking for a new job. You gotta have a drug test for this gig?
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Good News: Obama Appoints Ebola Czar

JKinGA Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 3:48 PM
Just when you think Obama can't appoint someone to a job who has a CLUE what they're doing............. The moron appoints another political hack who doesn't have a clue what he's doing.
I will be SO glad when this dumpster fire of an "administration" is finally gone.
This a JOKE, right?
"I'm so incredibly proud of him," Vice President Biden said. Yeah, I'll just bet you and Barry ARE "incredibly" proud of him. So what's next for your cokehead son, Lunch Bucket J? Director of the FBI or perhaps a Supreme Court appointment?
I'm sure Lunch Bucket J and Barry have already ordered his Congressional Medal of Honor. (So what kind of discharge is higher than "honorable" again?)
Barry doesn't do that anymore. Golf is his thing now!
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