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They can't pass up an opportunity to frame and railroad a good cop to achieve their racist ends.
Bet he told the robbing thug's family he would use the full power of his office to railroad "that honky police officer".......
He has his marching orders from Obama to railroad an innocent police officer at all costs.
Holder hates all law enforcement officers. To him, they are the enemy.
That racist scumbag Holder will try his best to frame and railroad Officer Wilson if its the last thing he does. He's every bit a bad as that former drug dealing, former FBI snitch to keep his sorry butt out of prison, Tawana Brawley fraud conspiring, fake Reverend.
Thanks! That's a COMPLIMENT! Now, "typical democrat", THAT'S an insult that cannot be tolerated!
If the police officer was black and the robbing thug assailant was white this would not have gone beyond the local Ferguson news........
YOU are a moron. Go smoke another joint and have a nice day.
YOU are flagged. Get a grip and go back to Sleazington Post where you came from.
Translation of "I'm sending AG Holder to Ferguson": "I'm sending AG Holder to Ferguson to frame an innocent policeman for doing his job and acting EXACTLY as he should have in that situation."
THAT'S part of the liberal strategy to turn Texas into a blue state?????? Hey libs, it's working! Keep doing THAT! Yeah, THAT'S the ticket!!!!
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