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It was all a set-up. Actual Christians would NEVER behave that way and CERTAINLY have nothing but the highest regard for Israel. Now DEMOCRATS...........they WOULD behave this way. And they WOULD sabotage an event like this.
.......AND you hate Jews.......we get it.
So you are a left-winger who has no problem with your militant left-wing saboteur buddies causing trouble at a Christian event. WE GET IT.
I NEVER use the term "democrat-ic" party. Nothing "democrat-ic" about those sleazebags.
Some folks, specifically militant left-wing democrats and CAIR (the militant Muslim organization) LIVE to cause this kind of trouble. I guarantee you the trouble makers were saboteurs and NOT a Christian among them.
Militant left-wing democrats POSING as Christians most likely. There just to cause trouble and to try to embarrass actual Christians.
Unlikely they are Christian "zealots" or even Christians at all. Trouble-making opportunists whose intent was to give all Christians and that organization a black eye. I know of NO Christian who is not in solidarity with Israel. A likely democrat stunt if you ask me. They pull this kind of underhanded stuff. Seems I recall a fellow by the name of Jesus who happened to be a Jew. So actual CHRISTIANS acting like this? Give me a break! No way!
.......trouble-makers with no real association with the organization whose intent was to give it a black-eye. A typical democrat stunt........
Sounds to me like Ted Cruz AND IDC were the victims of trouble-making opportunists who had no association with the organization. Those likely left-wing democrats are no longer welcome at IDC functions.
Checked out the IDC website and it appears a small group of trouble makers sabotaged the event. According to IDC, those people are no longer welcome at IDC events. Probably democrats..............
We're not at war with ISIS? You mean we WON? Wow, WHAT a President!
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