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They still buy the democrat lies, just like the Blacks and Hispanics do.
Palestinians are the low-life parasites of the Arab world that NO Arab country would ever allow to live there. They had a heck of a time running that vermin OUT of their countries and they DO NOT want them to even THINK about going back. The Gaza and West Bank scam the Palestinians have run on the Israelis is just that, a SCAM. That was never their land and the Israelis were gullible and stupid to let that infestation into Gaza and the West Bank.
I say evict that scum from both Gaza AND the West Bank. Enough is enough! No more trying to deal with lying, terrorist-sympathizing parasites!
"Hey, I thought the job description was {party, do fund raisers, go on vacations, play golf, and party some more}"!
Partyin' like it's 1995! "And anybody who criticizes my irresponsible dereliction of duty is just RACIST!" "RIGHT Holder-dog?"
Even the Obama sleaze supporters are sick of him and his ilk.
Just checked out Hamas-ington Post (a.k.a. Huffington Post) and, as you would guess, the dimwit morons are all up in arms about Joan Rivers picking on their poor little Hamas terrorists. Twenty years ago I would not have believed such dregs of humanity as populates the Huffington post could have mutated from our society, but there they are.
You GO girl!
Youtube is a curse to democrats. You can always catch them in their lies!
A democrat LIE? My goodness.....what is the world coming to?
Any cease fire is a win for Hamas. Don't give those b@stards an INCH!
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