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.......and Obama & Co. are his co-conspirators.
Gruber should be in prison. What he did was outright fraud costing this country trillions of dollars and millions of jobs............and destroyed a very good healthcare system beyond any hope of repair.
Once we take out the rest of the trash in 2016, we can get this country back on the right track.
MIT should fire that arrogant little liar-sleazebag........ or resign itself to being the domain of arrogant, lying little sleazebags.
While you're in Washington, arrest that jerk in the Oval Office. I think a detention tent in the Arizona desert is the perfect place for him.
Those lying, underhanded dems are REALLY having a rough November. Awwwwwww, maybe Obama can make it all better. After all, he has a mandate from all those people who didn't vote, right?
Sue the cr*p out of those lying b*st**ds!
Obama wouldn't nominate her if she weren't.
You can bet anyone Obama nominates will be just a racist clone of Eric Holder.
One more to go though.......
He was a lying weasel. I know. I saw.
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