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I say barbeque PORK sandwiches all around!
I'll have a Barbeque PORK sandwich please...........no, wait.......better make that THREE Barbeque PORK sandwiches with barbeque baked beans........AND DON'T FORGET THE BACON! And barbeque PORK ribs.......don't forget the barbeque PORK ribs! MMMMMMM! MMMMMMM!
Big-mouthed jerk using the standard filibuster tactic of the far-left: Refuses to answer the question put to her and prevents the questioner from asking another question.
That Joanna Fernandez is as STUPID as she looks. Let me guess what she got her "PhD." in: African American Studies! Just show up for class...........get an A and a PhD.!
Your guy California! YOUR guy! Enjoy your "free" healthcare SUCKERS!
Your prison cell awaits, you miserable degenerate.
The democrat scheme has been exposed! The only ones promoting this impeachment lie are White House staffers. (Maybe THEY should impeach the b@st@rd.)
Your little scheme blew up in your faces dem sc*mbags! (Of course the morons who vote for dems will STILL fall for it. They are too STUPID not to.)
And the Taliban thanks us for our generosity! As does the Afghan security forces who sold them those weapons at a nice profit at FIRE SALE prices! "Hey Obama! We need more weapons to sell to the.........I mean, to DEFEND our country"!
"My dad's SAM NUNN, so if you vote for ME, you're voting for the daughter of SAM NUNN"! So what are your qualifications? "HEY! I'm the daughter of SAM NUNN so SHUT UP"!
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