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.......you could use that time writing more books in praise of yourself!
No liar, it is all YOUR fault. Every bit of it. Instead of doing your JOB, you have sat back and let the world AND your own country to go hell. That is, on the rare occasion when you did not actually CAUSE the problems. You deserve life in prison Obama.
This arrogant lying weasel blames the intelligence community for not telling him what they HAVE been telling him for YEARS? It's THEIR fault because the lazy b@stard is too sorry to even read the intelligence reports he claims he was never given??? I say if this sorry excuse for a President does not agree to release the briefings on ISIS he has been given for the past two years, then that proves he is a liar, is criminally negligent, has betrayed the American people, is personally responsible for ALL the deaths of innocent victims of ISIS from the time he was first alerted to the threat they posed, and should be run out of office by his own party. And, the intelligence people he has thrown under the bus with his lies should come out en-masse and expose him for the liar he is.
I sincerely hope her legal fees eat up every penny of her and her husband's retirement. EVERY PENNY.
Preferably wearing one............for 20 years.
Twenty years hard labor is too good for that criminal!
In Obama's Swiss bank account no-doubt.
I hear they are already in the process of re-doing Mt. Rushmore. Instead of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, it's going to be President Girlypants, Moochele, Vice-President Bite-Me, and Eric Holder (plus Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if they can work them in somewhere).
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