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This is NOT "a part of a nation seceding". This IS Russia mounting a clandestine invasion of the Ukraine, and those so-called "separatists" ARE Russian soldiers masquerading as Ukrainians, with the exception of some turncoat collaborators betraying their country and giving the Russian soldiers phony credibility as so-called "separatists".
So when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, "this is between Iraq and Kuwait, let them sort it out"? So when Hitler invaded Poland, "this is between Nazi Germany and Poland, let them sort it out"? YOU may be perfectly happy to let a much more powerful thug country assault a weaker neighbor, but a true American has a PROBLEM with that. And YOU are CLEARLY no "Reaganite".
Hey Vlad, time to call your boy Ron Paul to tell everybody it's not true.
He probably went crying to Obama and Dirty Harry Reid.
If it walks like a democrat and lies like a democrat...........
He lost his law license under threat of having it revoked because of lying on his bar application. Obama is a documented liar, and isn't fraud basically lying to obtain goods or services? It is NO stretch to conclude that Obama in ALL likelihood engaged in academic fraud. A leopard doesn't change his spots, and the last five years are a testament to the likelihood of that observation being true.
Obama would just confer a PHD degree on him by executive order. Obama thinks he can do that, right?
Lying AND plagiarism? I didn't know they could multitask!
I thought it was ALREADY universally know the DWS is incapable of telling the truth even if her LIFE depended on it. What? There is actually some cave dweller out there who doesn't already KNOW that?
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Israel's Justice Minister Tells Off UN

JKinGA Wrote: 3 hours ago (9:19 PM)
It has ALWAYS been populated by a majority comprised of totalitarian, communist, socialist, and terrorist member countries. What those b@stards have to say matters not one bit. The UN is powerless to do anything anyway. It is the UN SECURITY COUNCIL that has teeth and even IT is toothless because ANY permanent member can veto any and all measures it is capable of take.
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