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Georgia just fired a great big "BITE ME" across the respective bows of Eric "I never met a whitey a didn't hate" Holder and our pretend President.......
"I'm officially thinking about considering possibly maybe running for President"!
He's only SORRY he got BUSTED.........
It appears the IRS and democrats have a common philosophy........"do as I SAY, not as I DO".
And every one a democRAT no doubt. Don't worry deadbeats! You have a former drug dealing snitch to defend you on MSNBC!
A democrat who LIES? Who would have ever thought...........
A President doesn't need Senate approval to start shooting. That's only required if hostilities will go beyond a certain length of time, something like 90 days.
Looks like our Coward-in-Chief will go begging to Putin AGAIN.
Yeah, but they're the democrat BASE!
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China's Economy Slows Down

JKinGA Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 5:04 PM
China's economy has slowed down? Why don't we loan them Obama and REALLY destroy it!
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