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Report: ISIS Studying Mexican Border

jkimbrell236 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 9:56 PM
But...but...but...the militants of ISIS are the tiredest and poorest of the world!!! I mean, have you seen the videos??!!! They are obviously the unfortunate downtrodden! They DESERVE to come to the U.S.! Who are we to refuse the huddled masses yearning to breathe free???!!!!
Who is John Galt?
Good for them! Show your patriotism: Eat more Burger King burgers!
heh heh!!! great idea! These people really have no idea what the rest of the world is like. What they really want is heaven. Other than that, the good ole' USA beats everywhere else hands down. But they have no concept of that, so they continue to compare their lot with Utopia.
Shaaaazaaaaammmmm!!!! What in the world???!!!! I say let's pick this guy up and drop him off in Iraq so he can get his wish. I'm sure that soon he'd be singing a different tune.
Thanks, Darby. It's from my heart. :)
I homeschooled for 18 years and now teach writing classes for homeschoolers in my home. The greatest thing about homeschooling is that it allows kids to grow up normally without the social, sexual, political, and religious pressures that force them into our culture's unfortunate mold. (Yes, even public schools engage in religious indoctrination. The religion is secular humanism.) Of course, homeschool parents know that one day their children will have to enter the tragic "real world." When that time comes, homeschoolers enter it emotionally, socially, and spiritually healthy. They can recognize and deal with the abnormal because they are solidly normal. Because they have a different worldview, they can think outside the box and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Still, parents must remain vigilant even when they homeschool. There is no advantage to homeschooling if kids spend time with the same t.v., movies, music, video games, websites, books, and people that school kids are exposed to. Parents must monitor academic, social, youth group, and sports activities, assessing whether there is adequate supervision by people who share their values. Being "at home" will not make a difference if kids continue to engulf the same cultural swill. As far as the perennial question, "But what about socialization?" I always said, "Well, socialization is always a problem, but we are trying to cut back!" In general, homeschooled children and teenagers are far more sociable than their institutionally schooled peers, because they aren't spending the majority of their time with the same group of people, all of whom are their exact same age. Homeschoolers tend to be secure in who they are because they aren't constantly mutilated by the social pecking order found in schools. Homeschooling is wonderful! Try it. You may find it is the best alternative for your family.
This woman must NOT be allowed to win. She must be defeated at all costs. Please, Montanans, keep this communist out of the Senate!
Next on the agenda: state testing in Spanish! Or maybe they'll do away with testing and grades altogether. Then we can be just like all the other 3rd world nations, ignorant and poor. We are being "progressively" dumbed down, and I think it is for a reason. Ignorant people who can't read are so much easier to manipulate. We have to preserve some knowledge in this country, folks. Be patriotic and HOME SCHOOL so we'll at least have a remnant of educated citizens who can take over when things finally collapse.
So sad. I've known the Colt story since my son did a paper on him for school years ago. He was an amazing man, of the sort of men that made America great. He had been thinking of a gun design before he came up with his revolver, having been fascinated with guns since he had been a small boy. He was expelled from his private boys' school for setting a building on fire while experimenting in the lab, so he went to sea as a young teenager. He got his idea for the revolving barrel while he was away at sea, watching the helmsman work the ship's wheel. It would turn, then lock into place. Then SHAZZAAAAMMM!!! The revolver design was born in his brain. Poor Sam. He had amazing ideas. He just wasn't good in sales. And I guess no one warned him to stay away from the government.
Now, I know who Sean Hannity is, but remind me, again, honey, who YOU are. I don't think I recognize you. :)
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