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Awesomeness. :) This looks like DO HARD THINGS for the post-college crowd. People really need to hear this message!
A registered nurse with a BSN who chose to drop out of the workforce to homeschool my children, I am now the proud parent of 3 successful adults who were homeschooled. I don't know whether to call him a pig or a clown.
"...surely the best way to allay those concerns is with respect and goodwill." ummmm....just wondering...what about the gay rights agenda so far has illustrated respect and goodwill? Yes, that's what I thought, too: nothing. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it, either.
Thank you, BCBS, for getting the word out BEFORE the election. I hope all states' insurers will follow suit.
I beg to differ. Citizens need protection on the streets of D.C., not just in their homes. Further, the Second Amendment doesn't end when one exits his front door.
Good point. A few years ago there was a tragic story about a grandmother who let her 12 year old grandson drive her car, just in the yard or something like that, and he accidentally drove into a ditch. The airbags deployed and killed him. He was too small to withstand the force of the airbags. I feel so sorry for the grandmother, and I feel sorry for this little girl. Both will have to live with the horror for the rest of their lives. That doesn't mean we should ban cars or guns, though.
Well, that would be hard. He actually has two jobs. He's the King, and he is also the Court Jester. I like to call him the Clown-in-Chief.
Yes, as the world burns around us, the worshipers of The Clown are still talking about skin color.
He IS a clown. A scary clown. When my kids were little, they were afraid of clowns. I didn't understand it until this clown came along. What is even scarier is that freeborn citizens of the USA seem to think it is fine, because he is the president. If you criticize the clown for being clownish, his worshipers cry "Racism!" The world is burning down around us, and they are still talking about skin color.
That is an outstanding idea. Apparently anyone can just go walking into Iraq anytime they want and no one will stop them, so I don't think y'all would have any trouble getting in.
Shhhhh....we're busy watching the antics of the Clown-in-Chief, and gawking at his worshipers.
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