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Well, if I had to bet my life, I'd bet "Melt down."
Boehner looks, acts and talks like an alcoholic. He is a disaster. He needs to go.
Sorry to sound so judgmental, but I have thought for years that Boehner looks, sounds, and acts like an alcoholic. We have got to get him out of there.
Fatigued, my foot. They are complicit. No excuses for their performance.
He's so incompetent that I WOULD call him a clown, but...he's a lot scarier than that. He's a SCARY clown.
Proud to be a Georgian today!
Dang. That was SWEET.
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Chris Matthews, Meet Chris Matthews

jkimbrell236 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 2:06 PM
That can't explain it. Matthews is a true believer. He isn't going to change his core beliefs for ratings. I am truly stumped over this. Maybe he had a fever.
What a bunch of nincompoops: "Sugary drinks bad. Gay sex good." They would approve of the chilrun having gay sex, but not having sugary sodas. The world has gone crazy.
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