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Hopefully tonight's announcement by her Dear Leader will finish her off.
"The crowd" in this case being the Establishment, whatever that happens to be. My parents just about had a fit when they heard we were going to homeschool, because it was going against authority and the Establishment. But now they are the biggest proponents of homeschooling to be found, and they attended their first protest (TEA party) in their late 70s. So yeah, even the older generation has come around. Like I said, some children of the '60s went off and smoked dope. Others went off and homeschooled. All brought to you by the '60s. And we are dang proud of it, too. :)
WOw, well somehow we have managed to homeschool and raise 3 very godly, hardworking young adults who all vote conservative! And I have never smoked one joint in my entire life. We did that by constantly asking what was best for them, instead of following the crowd. That's a hallmark of the Spirit of 1776, the spirit of the '60s, and the spirit of the TEA party. You need to do some research, man.
No, but unfortunately that spirit had been largely stamped out due to complacency.
I will say the '60s weren't all bad. True, some people went off their rocker with free love, drugs, and rock 'n roll. But others took the "do your own thing" message seriously and started the pro-life and homeschool movements. The '60s taught us not to be afraid to question authority. "Who are you to tell me how to live?" I seriously doubt the homeschool, pro-life and TEA Party movements would even exist if it were not for the '60s. In fact, ANY counter-cultural conservative movement has its roots in the '60s.
Awesomeness. :) This looks like DO HARD THINGS for the post-college crowd. People really need to hear this message!
A registered nurse with a BSN who chose to drop out of the workforce to homeschool my children, I am now the proud parent of 3 successful adults who were homeschooled. I don't know whether to call him a pig or a clown.
"...surely the best way to allay those concerns is with respect and goodwill." ummmm....just wondering...what about the gay rights agenda so far has illustrated respect and goodwill? Yes, that's what I thought, too: nothing. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it, either.
Thank you, BCBS, for getting the word out BEFORE the election. I hope all states' insurers will follow suit.
I beg to differ. Citizens need protection on the streets of D.C., not just in their homes. Further, the Second Amendment doesn't end when one exits his front door.
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