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The One Thing You Need to Know About the Democrat Plan to Attack Paul Ryan

Jkerouack Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:37 AM
Ryan read a few Ayn Rand novels making him the intellectual leader of the GOP. Apparently, not a very high bar.
AK Mark Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:59 AM
Guy walks into a bar, bartenders a robot. He orders a martini, robot makes him the best martini he's ever had. Robot says "What's your IQ?", dude thinks "OK, I'll play". "170". Robot says "What do you think of the idea of irreducible complexity?" Next day guy comes back. "I'll have a martini." Robot brings the martini, says "What's your IQ?". Guy says "120". Robot says "How about those Giants"? Dude comes back the next day, orders his martini, robot say's "What's your IQ?" Guy says "60". Robot says "So, you going to vote for Obama again?"

tibby2 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:44 AM
You don't need a high I.Q. to run the country. The Founders thought that out in advance. The rules were handwritten on a few pieces of paper over 200 years ago. The rules were very simple ones. They are too simple for a liberal to understand.
Paul Ryan appeared alongside presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney earlier today to officially join the Republican ticket. Democrats leaped into action to discredit Ryan, using the same line they've been using for a long time.

This was merely an official tweet from Barack Obama, but Democrats have been promoting this for years. No matter how many organizations analyze this framing...