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Let's Talk About Outsourcing

jkendrik Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 12:43 PM
I owned a very successful company, and grew rich while in my mid 50s and retired... one of the main features of my success was that i personally hired all employees, and the one condition that they would N_E_V_E_R_ work for me and my Co. was if they had EVER belonged to any kind of union....Personally i have never met a union person that was worth a damn, Sorry A$$ bums one and all....I say Bust every union that is possible....No wonder there is no real jobs here in USA thank a union for Sorry A$$ work and chasing major companies abroad.....
Among President Obama's disingenuous promises made over his four years, he said he would focus on creating "jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced." Yet he spent billions of U.S. taxpayer's money overseas to create outsourced jobs.

Typical of Obama's passion for outsourcing was the appointment of his jobs czar, Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric. Even as he was basking in the prestige of his new title, Immelt was closing his last U.S. plant making light bulbs in Virginia and opening a plant in China to manufacture more expensive light bulbs, which Americans will be forced to buy.