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A Letter to Young Voters

jkendrik Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 10:59 AM
Surely you are steeped in the heap of stupid....Mr. Prager is one of the most brilliant minds i have E_V_E_R_ had the sheer pleasure to learn from, and I an a few months older than him, 64 and 1/2 YO....Mr Prager has in no way diminished his Jewishness, but rather enhanced it...Over his years I have come to respect this great man and being a Born Again Christian, I have the love of Christ in my heart for this good man....May G0d bless you Mr. Prager, and keep you in the security of His everlasting arms...
inquisiteur Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 12:20 PM
jk, Did i say or imply that Prager was not smart?

As a slightly older baby boomer, I know what idealism and disillusionment are!

So you are a few months older than he! Are you still an idealist?

IMHO, Prager has compromised his Jewish faith!
According to conventional wisdom, the older the person, the less young people are inclined to listen to him or her.

This is probably true for some of you. But I do not believe that it is true for most of you.

Most young people have tremendous respect for older people's views. I saw this firsthand in my own life. I began lecturing publicly at the age of 21, and I give you my word that young people (and certainly older people) are far more respectful of my views today than when I was their age. All things being equal, it is...

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