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What Brown Lost in the Debate Over the Debate

jkash1776 Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 1:00 AM
Oh yes Jeff, let's by NO means play partisan since there have been almost NO debates where a Republican or conservative has been allowed to host and it's been very clear that appeasement has worked beautifully in all these debates. It's such a disappointment when you read RINO articles when we are in the midst of cleaning up the havoc wreaked by decades of your spineless appeasement. If after hearing Pelosi's comment last week, along with the gaping silence of her Democratic cohorts, you can still think that the Kennedy center can function apart from partisan lines, let me sell you the golden gate bridge, shortly to be available for sale as scrap metal when some jihadist loon decides to b l o w i t up ....while Pelosi claps

WHEN SENATOR SCOTT BROWN turned down an invitation to debate Elizabeth Warren at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston, did he shrewdly avoid a trap? Or did he foolishly blow an opportunity?

The invitation had been extended on June 8 by Vicki Kennedy, widow of the late senator and president of the institute's board. Last week Brown agreed to take part in the debate -- but only if Kennedy promised to personally uphold "the spirit of neutrality" by not endorsing any candidate or otherwise getting involved in the race. When Kennedy wouldn't go along with that condition, Brown...