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Sniveling and Despicable French Thief Complains that Victims Are Running Away

jkash1776 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 1:01 AM
"a bit unreasonable' other words you prefaced that just to appease. YOu think it's eminently reasonable. And those risking their lives in the middle east? They are there because a president is sending them there like a dictator to punish them by blocking them from targeting the real enemy, by subjecting them to thug UN nation hypocrisy and by thinning them out so much they are sitting targets. Not to mention demoralizing them and blocking devout Christians from being able to have chaplains of real faith. Again, you people so disgust me that it is hard to pity you knowing that you are just brainwashed peabrains, your hormones your leader and your brain cells left dormant.

Atlas is shrugging and Dan Mitchell is laughing.

I predicted back in May that well-to-do French taxpayers weren’t fools who would meekly sit still while the hyenas in the political class confiscated ever-larger shares of their income.

But the new President of France, Francois Hollande, doesn’t seem overly concerned by economic rationality and decided (Obama must be quite envious) that a top tax rate of 75 percent is fair.” And patriotic as well!