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Incumbents Forever

jkash1776 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 10:01 PM
A political CAREER was a anathema to WAshington and ADams. SERVICE balanced by private enterprise is what was needed. Politicians from the start have scorned America's unique opportunity to all. Doing nothing they set out to suppress anyone who will threaten their reign as the ultimate entitled. Middle class morality that breeds self-sufficient family and independent wealth they make policy to kill. Lower class immorality that breeds dysfunctional families, wastrels and dependence they make their mission. Except for early days, politicians have by and large been making it all about them.

AS A CANDIDATE for lieutenant governor in 1982, John Kerry assured the voters of Massachusetts that he wasn't seeking the position as a mere "stepping-stone" to higher office. But just one year into his four-year term, he announced his candidacy for the US Senate seat that Paul Tsongas was vacating because of illness.

Few people held Kerry's broken commitment against him. In part that was because nobody had believed it in the first place (all candidates for lieutenant governor seek the position as a stepping-stone). But it was also because everyone knew what Kerry knew: If he passed up...