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the U.N. Noticeably silent on the 'others' that are being murdered besides peaceful Muslims, those 'others' being Christians. For the U.N., our media and most world governments the eradication of Christians is their wet dream solution to bring about the global one world government that has nobody even daring to claim personal freedom or equal footing with the leaders.
Keep to the topic, we don't need more division with the anti-Catholic crowd circling.
Yep, Clinton was adamant.
It's Obama's version of Clinton's 'Oh! I thought you meant the OTHER meaning of 'is''
Yes, like the people who follow the Quran, those who praised obama's book didn't bother to read all the flagrant c r a p in it.
And as Bush said, and was quoted, because we left too early they are tens of times more powerful and vicious than they would have been. We cannot have non-military experienced leaders and cabinets. Not this country. he has fired any consertive military who didn't kowtow to him. Narcissist murderer
Yep, there is that guy who dresses up as a terrorist who has crossed nearly a dozen times with no problem. Militias from retired military and volunteer constitutional loyalists are going to have to remember that WE are government and when D.C. acts against our best interest they are, to use an ironic term, 'excommunicated'.
Islamic 'brothers' were among the top 1% of all of OBama's WH visitors. I think he'd be quicker to revoke visas from the rest of us.
Every magazine should have a photo of an empty chair....with Eastwood's comments in quotation marks.
Poland, the country that under Lech Walesa made one of the most courageous stands against totalitarianism? I suppose you'd prefer Monaco.
Honey, you're shaking because the c r a p falling from your mouth and derriere have slogged down into those boots. It's not shaking, it's sliming. Rancid rancid partisanship by sheeple. superman's 'lois' would smack this one upside the head.
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