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the country cannot survive as long as half the population and growing is out of work and on the governent dole and our politicians are not interested in bringing jobs back, because that means facing up against depts HHS, DOJ, EPA, security, state department. when most people are on the dole you will not see change. People's hearts and minds have to be changed through REAL history provided
or don't because either way it is not going to be anybody in office who will fix things. and even court appointments have turned on us. The politically appointed justices have been turncoats and cowards. rise up people, government is us
Exactly. Sometimes it is going to have to take people realizing that absolute incompetence is either way before they will realize it is their responsibility to act. We HAD all repubs under Bush and he handed a 'be nice' campaign, vetoed nothing and ultimately led us into democrat nightmare. politicians who do not speak for us should not have any rule but until people see that they have to unite without partisan lies dividing us, elections have no benefit
Yep. And they often side with libs on many conservative issues. It's hte party of self-interest. I don't think that they actually would have stood up to fight with the founding fathers. Not their battle.
So ... In the 1770s, by your terms the people were 'screwed'. No elections and no courts to aid them.' They gave up?
Unfortunately, the economic and healthcare concern could go away real fast if Islamic terrorism and unchecked plagues let into the country as Nero fiddles (Nero being most of DC not just jug ears).
Why don't you think the incumbents should know the same? Last time I checked it was not the tea partiers who lacked substance. Hairdos and speeches and cheating on your spouse less than the opponent is not anything to get reelected. it was the slander by incumbents who will not leave even though once reelected they do nothing but join with those across the aisle, whimpering just enough to please the low info group
GOP COULD have polled and recognized re-electing do nothings was dumb They could have funded. Instead they funded AGAINST and encouraged media blackout of new and more courageous and clear sighted public servants. Hubris. Always a problem in every RULING class a little revolution mr jefferson?
No election and no petitions and no court trials will make any difference until the sleeping giant wakes up and we start using our creative power to inform the lazy, dependent and undereducated low information voters. The low information voters are not stupid, they are unchallenged and without purpose
If voters were TAUGHT in school what earmarks actually cost in the big picture, how many freedoms they've traded away and how many new regulatory policies that will steal even more freedom and privacy, they wouldn't be so eager or so dependent
Exactly. A LOT of the money we are being scolded for not giving over we know will actually go to slander and sabotage OUR choices, rather than any Dems
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