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Aren't there some hackers that can leak some emails...and we can say that they were 'lost' but mysteriously found? You KNOW some coordinated effort has been going on behind the scenes and these folks are so arrogant somebody is bound to have been indiscreet in email, thinking themselves above being hacked
Just so you know, Common Core education does not include teaching the Constitution OR giving any history of the fight of the founding fathers. It is mentioned as an important document and that is all, no content and no history.
Yep and I see you have just been running crazily to have the prosecution go after Holder and Obama for Benghazi and the funding and arming of the Muslim brotherhood as well as the government leak to the location of the Navy SEal team 6 that were ambushed and killed. Your name says it all...except liberals don't know what truth is, they confuse it with their 'gut' opinions based upon self-reference and self-reverence. Used to be one, know EXACTLY how you think, hypocrite
ANd his boss is the president. Planning to take the blame up a notch? Didn't think so.
You mean Clinton the one who is involved with pedophilia accusations now?
VERY similar to what is happening to the blogger in Saudi Arabia, minus the 50 lashings every 7 days...though you know they'd like to be able to do that.
HYPOCRITES!! Where is the punishment for the DOJ and Obama?
in other words a death sentence
Brent, it will be interesting to see if this OTHER version of revised AMerican history that depicts the wrong guys as the bad guys will flop with regular movie goers, the middle class. Of course the middle class doesn't have the money to see a doctor, let alone a movie, these days.
My question to you is WHO is making these people who are picking and choosing to convict not as guilty of being corrupt as he is? Exactly HOW do you justify justice that is not even handed?
So how do you feel about the man disgracing the office of the president? And if you don't like me saying it just check out most world leaders and people throughout the Middle East who see his arming of the Muslim Brotherhood as a major reason that they've lost their homes of decades and centuries. Astonishing that you could make that comment.
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