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You are null and void. You have all the evidence, with even the pres beginning to leak out things. We have whistleblowers risking their lives and here you are, still void of any cajones, engaging in 'politics'. When I need an ineffectual sheep I promise I'll call you. Holding HOSTAGE through non-obedience. You didn't see me say non-violence? Of course not, all you can think of are non-creative forms of engaging. Baaa bAaa b'bye You and i are done, respond elsewhere or expect to be ignored by me
Exactly. The ONLY way to impeach is to start doing some educating of the low income voters. We have blacks in Chicago calling him the worst ever and we have people calling into Rush every single week who are switching sides. How much more encouragement do we need to cut the PC delicacy and start engaging them in some dialogue? Are we really so afraid of offending them when they are more than half way ready to change their minds? The radical left and the radical fems and the radical homosexuals ARE the minority, the elites. The country is sick of elites.
You can make a million jobs by creating government agencies. We even have govt workers whistleblowing that they are paid to take 5 hour lunches.
A socialist government hires its voters by handouts. Ebola and tuberculosis and pneumonic plague and gang murders would take out a nice chunk of this population that gets in the way of their dreams of tyranny
BEnghazi DOJ fast and furious Dead people voting Obamacare Executive orders' Lying about freedom of religion Guantanamo release navy seals dead because their secret location leaked Borders left completely unprotected shipping inn illegals and dumping in states with no authority land grabbing. These are not POLICIES
sorry, pledged to destroy this country...but you have to admit that D.C. is treating this country like it's a company they own and can embezzle from at will.
I think that being intimidated out of using the word is what has gotten us here. Stealing elections, having the first feminine slattern (she ain't no lady) IN the polls on election day and intimidating people, giving information to the enemy that got our soldiers killed (we're pulling out of Afghanistan on this day and we'll all be here if you want to come and kiil our soldiers ring a bell?) and letting out prisoners from Guantanamo with NO authority who have pledged to DESTROY this company, as well as sending money and weapons to the enemies of our allies, ISrael. i think these are not policies. These are heinous acts.
See, you, being PC and unfortunately arrogant, are one of those who would willinngly have the entire country dead or given over to terrorists if you could STILL somehow get a great hit piece on conservatives. Effectively T R E A S O N is when a person in office harms this nation. He has willingly gone against hte will of hte people, refused to give information after being subpoenaed and now is ignoring the DOMA, the freedom of religion, 2nd amendment and even the freedom of the press. By being so blindly led by hatred of the previous president and so radically bigoted as to support a man purely for his color, you are effectively, a radically ignorant and ineffectual non-patriot. Un American and unintelligent
What part of billions given to terrorists, terrorists visiting him routinely, terrorists not allowed to be called terrorists, makes 'you wonder'? I confess I cannot help the way I jump to conclusions because I'm SURE he's sympathetic to one world order without American citizens to obstruct him
He already stole the last election and the DOJ and he have ultimately murdered masses of people...and we still let them be there. You are absolutely right. He has NO clue what American strength is because it sure hasn't been in evidence. Impeach can only come if we shout it and impose economic and civil sanctions ont he crooks i D.C. Hold them hostage
Palin and Rush and Levin and Dinesh do not talk of elections and voting. All of you wanting courts and elections to still be the answer are completely unaware. it doesn't require violence, but it does involve solidarity among hte people. As long as we think that the low information voters just have to be left alone and we'll do it without them - because it's too hard and we don't want anybody mad at us by forcing the truth on them - we will fail.
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