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shame and low information voters is about as likely as shame and the looters in Ferguson showing any when it's shown that Michael Brown completely merited being shot by an officer he violently attacked.
caption below each of these clowns when they say something: "The statements made do not reflect the views of the speaker, whose views are completely dependent on viewer preference. Should there have been an actual need for a definite opinion neither will be able to furnish you with it, since their personal beliefs would have them drummed out of public office or imprisoned."
He didn't stand by and let evil happen. God ALWAYS gave us free choice. WE let evil happen by not doing as was described earlier the Russians did to the Muslims after their countrymen were slaughtered. God has ALWAYS allowed free choice and sadly, He has allowed wholesale slaughter so that the next generation with more sanity (that would be the one AFTER you, Will) sees the insanity of those who wanted to dialogue and tout diplomacy and demonize those who are killed, rather than the barbarias at large God would stand for nurses being fired and prosecuted for helping babies that survive abortion either, O. No God would stand for nurses being fired for baptizing dead babies, O. No God would stand for doctors being fired for refusing to perform abortions, O.
If you have never seen the BBC documentary The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition, I highly recommend it. At a little over forty-five minutes, it summarizes the most recent scholarship about the "Black Legend," how it began, and why it persists. Here are just a few of the more interesting points covered in the documentary: The "Black Legend" began as an anti-Spanish propaganda campaign that succeeded largely because of the invention of the printing press. The Inquisition was the prime target. Inquisitors were not fanatical priests as they are often portrayed. In fact, many of them were not priests at all but legal experts trained in Spanish schools. Contrary to popular belief, torture was rarely used. It was used less by the Inquisition than it was in the tribunals of other countries throughout Europe at the time. Stories about cruel torture methods used by the Inquisitors and the terrible conditions in which prisoners were kept were completely falsified. The Inquisition actually had the best jails in Spain. Prisoners of secular courts would actually blaspheme so that they could be transferred to Inquisition prisons and escape the maltreatment of the secular prisons. Persecuting witchcraft was a craze in Europe at the time, and secular courts were not tolerant of these kinds of offenses. The accused were often burned at the stake. The Inquisition, on the other hand, declared witchcraft a delusion. No one could be tried for it or burned at the stake. The Inquisition was virtually powerless in rural areas. In the entire sixteenth century, the Inquisition in Spain executed only about 50 people, which is contrary to the "Black Legend," which numbers the executions in the hundreds of thousands. Of all the Inquisitions together throughout Europe, scholars estimate that the number of people executed ranged somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000. That averages, at most, about fourteen people per year throughout the entire continent over a period of 350 years. The entire documentary is available on Youtube.
eric, you are aware that it did not last that long and you are also aware the the inquisition court was PREFERRED to the government court which behaved like a kangaroo court and tortured and killed indiscriminately? huffington and anti-catholic spots are not your friend, little mouse. Go back to pre-late 1800s when the intellectuals BEGAN their history revision...using the term 'intellectuals' loosely.
Why shouldn't it? Leftism is about lust and narcissism. And though it's not PC, both of these are the antithesis of the Christian foundation that has led this country to reward and encourage those who tried to better their lives and to come to the aid of those suffering disasters
Why did you expect differently.?There was WIDE intelligence that if we pulled out of Vietnam Cambodians would be slaughtered. They all denied it on the left. Still have absolutely not addressed it to this day, choosing instead to focus on our evil country.
Oh they WILL be beheaded and stoned, but not until the sanctimonious hypocrites, most of them stoned out of their minds (you didn't think suicide bombers did it MERELY out of loyalty did you? We already have been given insight that they 'humanely' offer drugs to help through the slaughter - remember Daniel Perlman tragically turning down the help and so the agony of the dull knife cutting through his neck was there for all to see?) have raped them.
No, if YOU are going to complain about the complainers then offer a suggestion. Otherwise you are just the pot calling the kettle black and just posting because you want to vent. Go FIND the people who are working towards this. They are out there. How many ex-military do you think may have started looking to ways to save the nation? They are not going to knock on YOUR door..Hunt.
John, some of us are connected to people on the ground. The most important thing is to realize that the bulk of people will hear NOTHING about this. This is where the creative people need to enter the picture. Movies, books, videos and twitter have all been effective among the general populace. We have incredibly smart and talented people on our side and little by little some of them are realizing that sitting back 'until things get better' is not going to work. Search out for the people who are doing something. Not on this specifically, but an example of it is jd king who created We need creative minds who get the BIG picture, e.g. how environmental over regulation is actually linked in some ways with the PC in other ways. there is far more connection among the issues than people realize. Collectively there must be investigation and creative telling
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