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weird...wasn't there so much hub bub from the left on how much Ann Romney spent on clothing during the election year
I would think the administration and students at the University of Alabama would be embarrassed!! I hope the half a$$ display that is shown is not representative of the course work the institution. C'mon my 6th grade son just created one for bacteria growth on water bottles that looks better than that.
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Happy 'World Contraception Day'

jkarnld Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 2:08 PM
The contraceptive pill works three ways. Stopping ovulation (however an egg still "breaks through" and makes way into fallopian tubes 2-10% of the time) thickening the cervical mucus to help stop sperm, and changing the uterine wall so an embryo can not attach in case of "break through ovulation". Fertilization may still occur that 2-10% of the time. Once fertilized the embryo is unable to attach to the uterine wall. Can be found package insert of contraceptive pills.
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