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Just as Intended, Teachers Strike Hurts Families

jkacan Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 4:35 PM
Understand any one,teacher and Union don't care nothing and no one,all pure lier.Teacher said for better school?real is for a own pocket.But here are a question,what is a normal salarie for teacher elementary school?Is Not University,in my opinion 40.000$ no more.I will like see a teacher go to a Doctor and paid a visit,and ask how much?and a nurse said 5.000$,simple doctor visit,sure is will complain,and a Doctor will said I won a salarie 1.000.000 per Month.That is some thing abuse teacher.
The true long-term impact of the Chicago teachers strike may be not be known for some time. But there is no mystery about its impact in the immediate term -- anxiety, panic, and disruption for myriad mothers and fathers left in the lurch when 30,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union walked away from their classrooms last week just as a new school year was getting underway.

"Parents and guardians frantically sought last-minute child care, pleaded with their bosses for leniency, and hoped that their kids would return to school sooner rather than later," reported the Chicago...