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Amen. We need to be talking to our friends and neighbors and convince them to do the same. And we all need to be making sure our representatives know how much we care. If they do nothing, it's time for a recall, then they'll think about it.
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Live Free or Move

jjones706 Wrote: May 08, 2013 4:57 PM
Socialist states (nations) have fences to keep people in, free states (nations) have fences to keep people out. Makes it kind if easy to figure out where people want to live.
Change "desperate ploy" to "reasoned argument" and I'll go along with someof what you said. When my nanny immigrated to the US from Germany, we were obligated to guarantee to the government that she would not need any assistance from any government programs. Why does our broken immigration system not insist that any more? Why are we just opening all our socialist programs to anyone that wants to come and take the money the government just keeps handing out? Time to get rid of the socialist welfare programs and maybe we won't be getting so many illegally entering immigrants.
We individually choose the path we take, but the choices of individuals affect people around them while we live in our societies here on earth.
Amend that to say that we (as a people) are cursed as long as we continue to allow women to kill their children without repercussion.
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Man Defends His Life With an AR-15

jjones706 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 6:26 PM
Maybe that's not such a bad idea. If the government can't do the job we pay them to do, we can just fire them and take on the job ourselves. That will eventually happen according to a lot of sci-fi movies.
The level of discourse in these threads is so far below meaningful, intelligent, commentary that they no longer warrant even looking at. The lack of intelligence and respect is so reflective of the Marxist/Godless teaching of public schools, I wonder why I don't expect it.
Well Mr. Raul, since you don't want a border and you want our country to be just like yours, I vote you just go back there and live, since you hate our country so much.
It sounds like dread0 is the racist. Give amnesty, and therefore a huge advantage in access to welfare to all mexicans (considered to be a race) that come here illegally. By definition of racist (discrimination based on race) that looks like the case.
I doubt you can provide a valid argument that will convince me that God creates children that are unable to overcome their tendency to hedonism and selfish gratification. They may not want to, but that doesn't mean they can't.
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