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Obama and the Deliberate Decline of America

jjohnson8 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 4:10 PM
THE LIBYAN PRESIDENT NOW INDICATES THAT OBAMA KNEW OF THE IMPENDING ATTACKS 3 DAYS AHEAD OF TIME YET TOOK NO ACTION ! …and the Libyan President even cites intercepted communications from the US government to prove it. The Main Stream Media is trying valiantly to sweep this story under the rug for Obama. But It Keeps Getting Bigger.This is a story that the American people deserve to hear, yet the major news organizations have chosen to withhold that information. Libya now says that the State Department was given a three day warning about the attacks !

Are we really surprised by the Middle East uprising against America? This isn’t about the American produced video against the prophet Muhammad. This is about President Obama being a weak defender of America abroad, almost by design. Barely six months in office, Obama decided his first foreign trip, as president, would be to Egypt to apologize to the Muslim world for America behaving badly after 9/11.

Since when did America apologize for defending itself against madmen who kill in the name of God and give us advance notice of their impending carnage? In his Cairo speech delivered in...