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OK, Brent171...then explain to me why unions have to strong arm people to 'get in line' and be good little dues payers. Explain why VW in TN rejected a union coming in. Explain why SC became a 'Right to Work' state. Explain why more and more states are Rejecting your precious unions. YOU are one of those fools Kurt talks about - all you are doing is feeding the machine that buys the politicians...and you get next to nothing in return for it. How about you enter into an agreement - on your own - with an employer. You are likely capable of negotiating a fair wage for your labor without a union to hold your hand. Do that and guess what...you don't have any 'dues' coming out of your check each week. Stop being one of the fools supporting the DEMs...they don't care about you.
It is certainly a challenge...and one that cannot be taken lightly or laying down for that matter. This is the turning point. If we win the Senate in 2014 then we may buy ourselves some time if the WH remains in DEM hands. If we are to get out of this mess sooner rather than later then we need to get both and that's a lot of work.
Great quote! I use it often. The cities are an easy target for voter fraud, too, with so many early voting locations as well as precincts close enough to go to on election day. Cities are nothing more than centers of mass consumption these days. They turn out fewer products year and more trash.
It really doesn't do much good to take your message to a conservative state. You certainly don't have a chance of taking your message to a big conservative city...there are NONE! This is a fight we are in. We need to take the fight to them on their ground. Just my two cents...
I would stay away from the pothead bunch liable to show up in Denver. Good chance people could get caught up in an unintended situation, too. Harry Reid's 'backyard' would be a good choice by going to Vegas. Again, lots of distractions to the mission of the convention so I would make that a #2 or #3 choice. My first choice would be one of the Ohio locations. I don't say that because I'm from Ohio (now living in MD). I would go to Cleveland and make a very public stand for those that are not going to EVER benefit from a Democratic administration. The city has not brought anyone out of poverty by building new stadiums or 'cleaning up' the Flats. Any actions are like all others by the DEMs...all smoke and mirrors...that benefit someone besides the one-in-four living in poverty in the City of Cleveland. If you have any doubts about what I'm saying just drive out to the east side of town...you'll see. Cleveland is fast becoming the next Detroit.
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It's the Desert, Stupid

jjohnson61 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 1:17 PM
You missed the part where he discusses drought history and apparently skipped over the part about population increases from the 1960s to present. Also there's a little thing most cities have called water treatment plants. They don't just take care of sewage, they also treat drinking water. I like 15134's comment, too, that irrigation water doesn't need to be 100% potable (that means fit for human consumption) for use on crops. You make a good point about the idiots in charge of the rates...they need to be taken out and flogged then left in the Mohave to atone for their lunatic ideas.
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Bottomless Brunches Banned in NYC

jjohnson61 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 1:05 PM
OK...just like the 'work around' for the 16 oz. drinks just charge ten cents for refills and a quarter for another trip to the buffet! Charge a dollar less for the initial price and you can add two trips for another plate of waffles and sausage and several more mimosas! Problem solved!
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