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War on Capitalism

jjohnson301 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:18 AM
Frankly sir, the "war on capitalism" is coming from fascism in the GOP. Just count your lobbyists. Every single one of them are pushing the agenda of a single entity in order to propel it ahead of their competitors. NEXT, ask yourself why any CEO is worth hundreds of millions in compensation. It's the combined talents of the organization that makes a profit for the company but it's the CEO that knows politicians on a personal basis. Is that capitalism???? Of course not, it's fascism. If the market wasn't totally perverted by government favors, any one of these CEOs would do their job for less than a million a year and we all know that.
Joe 145 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:47 AM
And professional athletes are worth what they are paid?

I agree, our economic system is really messed up. We set this all up by electing the people who are doing all of this. Just look at what our current President stands for.

What is of concern is that a correction is coming. We are not going to like it.
jjohnson301 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 9:02 AM
Yes Joe, a correction is indeed coming. Just like the correction we're enduring right now for the right going too far. Don't know why both sides have to keep pushing to the extreme. The comments of Lindsay Graham is correct; Ronald Reagan couldn't survive in today's GOP. We jammed so-called conservatism down the throats of the Dems and they're now doing it to the Reps and the pendulum swings. Somehow we need to come to the conclusion that none of us are all right or all wrong and reason has to dictate instead of dogma. My family GOP roots date back to Lincoln - I hate what my party has morphed into. It's gone so far that the Dems are actually more reasonable today. Tomorrow the other side will have gone crazy. Enough crazy IMO.

As each day goes by in the fiscal cliff debate, President Obama becomes stronger among the masses that view this as a fight between very rich guys against little guys barely making ends meet. Beyond the publicly fighting over tax policy, there is a battle waging in an area that businesses cherish most of all - the bottom line. It's all about greed and the notion of how much money is enough.

There is a growing consensus that profits should max out at some point and anything beyond that point is greed - the kind that hurts Americans.

I don't buy...

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