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Pressure Building on Menendez: Senator Dodging Questions About Alleged Sex With Underage Prostitutes

JJoe Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 7:51 PM
Here's what Menendez should do to get this behind him: Resign from the Senate and have Obama appoint him to the Administration. He would fit right in. During his confirmation side-show Republicans like Graham and McCain would feign toughness for a day, maybe two, and then... Cave! As the Republicans do Every. Single. Time. One more issue behind the Democrats, and on to the next.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey thought allegations of sexual intercourse with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic would be going away now that he's been easily re-elected in the Garden State, but pressure is building as the FBI investigates the issue.  Menendez has been dodging Breitbart reporters Matt Boyle and Kerry Picket in order to avoid public questions about the scandal.

Senator Bob Menendez  (D - NJ) did not want to talk about allegations on Monday regarding an FBI inquiry that apparently show Sen. Menendez was sleeping with underage prostitutes.  Sen. Menendez told Breitbart News,...