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Of Course: John McCain Seen as Republican Who Can Help Dems on Gun Control Bill

JJoe Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 5:40 PM
On which issue exactly is McCain NOT the go-to Republican to help Democrats? I hate to wish McCain any personal ill, but if only something would cause that yellow-toothed old troll to retire. Then the conservative voters of Arizona could get a Ted Cruz-like senator in there. And the media would lose their favorite conservative-Republican-who's-not.

Leave it to Arizona Senator John McCain to "emerge" as the Republican who can help gun grabbing Democrats criminalize the private transfer of firearms. So-called "universal background check" legislation passed out of the Senate Judiciary commmittee two weeks ago thanks to party line vote. Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley voted against the legislation for a number of reasons. As a reminder:

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley cast a committee vote in opposition to the Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act today on Capitol Hill. The bill passed out of the Judiciary Committee along party lines and criminalizes...

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